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What We Love October 30 2015

Bring on the winter gear!  Loving the Down For A Run Collection.  I particularly am interested in the  Down For A Run Jacket and I'm hoping it comes in Black Grape.  I guess this may be a good thing that I returned the Awesome Fluffin Jacket yesterday! The Scuba Hoodie III is a favorite of mine so I'm excited to see what new colors and prints they will be coming out with. " We're also seeing a slight update going into Winter for the Scuba Hoodie III - we updated our fabric so we can now have it in beautiful bright solids and prints! It's still soft and fleecy, which I know you guys love, but now we can offer more variety in colors." I can't wait for Tuesday!  What about you?

Upload!! for October 27, 2015

Ok so I'm a little confused with today's upload.  Is it just me or was it super lame?  A lot of it seemed to be the same items uploaded last week.  The only thing I really wanted to see for the US was the Define Space Dye in Camo that the UK got.  This is just amazing.  Although it's more of a spring color, but I don't care, I want it!  It's so pretty!  I'm hoping the US gets it soon. Define Space Dye Camo The only thing the US got that's of interest to me this week is the new CRB in bon bon.  I'm tempted to order this to try. Cool Racerback Rulu in wee stripe Bon Bon The Drop It Like It's Hot Tank looks interesting but I'm unsure if I would ever really use it for the fall/winter season.  I will wait until I make it to the store to try it on, it's not a must have on my list.   Drop It Like It's Hot Tank Bordeaux Drama The only other item worth noting is the new Velour Vinyasa Scarf.  I'm fairly new

What We Love October 23 2015

Only two products interests me this week.  I'll have to see if this tank works on short torsos.  I have a hard time with tanks because I almost always end up flashing too much boob or bra. This I kind of like but I have to see if the material is soft in person.  I prefer heathered over the regular CRBs.   The announcement that in the beginning of November, the winter gear will arrive at the website is exciting!  I can't wait to see what they have in terms of outerwear.  Here's hoping they have something I can replace my old Zara puffer with.  I'm debating on returning the Camo Puffer since it feels too tight in the chest.

Store Visit Today- Fleecy Keen Jacket III, Base Runner Pant III, Turn Around Tights, On The Go Toque!

This week I'm in NYC and went to the store today.  I went in there looking for a pair of running pants for the colder temperatures and tried on a million things.  The Base Runner Pant III were disappointing on me.  They are not meant for shorties like me.  (I'm 4 feet 11)  I tried on the size 2 and the 4 and both looked pretty awful.  These are off my wish list. Dark Fuel Base Runner Pants Size 4 Bordeaux Drama Base Runne Pants Size 2 shown with Dramatic Static Define Jacket.  Next up- Fleecy Keen Jacket III in Wine Berry.  I fit the Size 2 nicely, however I have an issue with how stiff the patches where the pockets are.  I liked the double layer zip in the front of the jacket and the fleece was soft, but because of my short torso, the fleece bunched up in the back.  So unsure if I would be willing to pay $200 for the jacket, but maybe if it hit WMTM which I doubt since it seems like the website is almost sold out in all the colors except for the Wine Berry.  

Bordeaux Drama!

This outfit looks fantastic.  Too bad I never wear long sleeves, I get too hot. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in Bordeaux Drama & Turn Around Tight Bordeaux Drama.   I think I need to try these on. I'm really digging these Turn Around Tights.  I also like them in the Giant Herringbone. Base Runner Pants III.  I prefer the Bordeaux over the Dark Fuel.  But I do like both.

Upload!! for 10/21/2015

Not a whole lot that I really like this week, but nevertheless some goodies to report from today's upload. I do want to try these WU luxutreme crops but I'll wait until I make it to the store on Thursday.  I haven't seen the teal space dye in person yet but maybe they'll have them when I go.  Curious to see if I would like either one.  However between the two, my pick is the pink flash light menthol. Next up are the Run Speed Shorts in the clouded dreams.  I've been waiting for this print to hit the US.  I have 4 pairs of these shorts, and wouldn't mind another.  And yes I actually do wear these for running. On the Go Toque beanies look great in all colors.  My pick is the wine berry and forage teal.   The green would go nicely with the new Vinyasa scarf. I'm kinda digging the Turn Around Tight, however not sure if I like or dislike all the dark seams.  It's one of those you have to see in person. The US finally

Boston Warehouse Sale !

My alarm went off at 6am this morning so I could get ready to go to the Boston warehouse sale.  I arrived around 7:20am and the line was already a few hundred people deep.  Just makes me wonder if people camped out at midnight!  The sale started on time and I was able to get in around 8:20 am which wasn't bad.  My initial reaction to the sale was a bit of disappointment to be honest.  I'll admit that this was my first warehouse sale so I wasn't sure what to expect. The racks of clothing were categorized by either tops or bottoms and then by size which made things so easy.  I did not see too much outerwear in general.  Definitely no Scubas or Define jackets.  I saw one down jacket in a size 2 but it was gone by the time I doubled back to look at it again.  I hoped to see some running crops, but instead there were tons of In the Flow Crops.  I picked up a pair in the bordeaux and gray.  I didn't bother to try anything on as I pretty much knew what size I am in botto

Bark Berry Scuba III

On my way to the local Lululemon store I stopped to take a picture of this.  Brighton is really pretty. The store did have the new bark berry & deep camo Scuba Hoodie III.  I tried them both on and decided the bark berry looked prettier and was more flattering on me.  I took home my usual size 2 in this.  Both colors are super soft.  I think I would get the deep camo if it made it to WMTM, but it will probably sell out. LuluAddict has some great photos of the bark berry Scuba here . The color is hard to capture accurately in photos, however I will say the Lululemon website has it right.  It is a gorgeous pink and I especially love the rose gold zipper.  It's a nice added touch of luxury. The store didn't have the new swiftly in heathered desert teal, so I placed an order when I got home. I also bought the Fluffing Awesome jacket I've been eyeing in the camo.  It was already sold out of the smaller sizes when I checked the store. I saw the Fle


Pretty excited by today's upload.  My top picks are the two new colors in the Scuba Hoodie III.  Heathered Bark Berry is my favorite and I will probably pick that up.  The heathered deep Camo is a very close second.  I don't own anything dark green. I'll probably also get the heathered desert teal in the swiftly unless it is too similar to heathered blue denim.  I'll bring my blue denim to compare when I go to the store tomorrow.  Last week when I compared my poseidon crb to the new heathered dark navy crb I decided they were too similar to own both and I actually preferred poseidon.  I'm hoping for the same outcome in the swiftly tanks. I also really like these Base Runner Pants but I don't think they're worth $108.  If they were $88 I might've considered buying them so I hope they end up on WMTM.

Why Lululemon

Back in 2012 I was really addicted to Anthropologie for clothing.  Sometimes I shopped at Zara and Free People too, but Anthropologie was my favorite.  I also started working out that year and got into the best shape of my life. For workout clothes I just bought some cheap stuff from Target.  $20 crops and $15 sports bras.  Nothing fancy.  But then I started browsing at Victoria's Secret for their sports bras and yoga shorts.  To this day, I still prefer Angel by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra.  This is my favorite workout bra ever and hope they never discontinue it! My introduction to Lululemon was very slow.  I'd seen the shopping bags all over the city being carried around by women everywhere.  My sister owned a hoodie that looked very nice on her and I liked how fitted it was.  Most of the hoodies I owned were very casual and loose fitting. My first Lululemon purchase was actually a present for my sister.  I think I picked another hoodie or jacket.  It wasn't