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Cool Racerback Discontinued?

With all the recent discussion on this topic, here's my opinion.  As a petite person the Cool Racerback was never perfect.  Yes I admit I own 8 of them but I have two major issues with these tanks.  My top gripe is how low cut the tanks are on me.  I would prefer a higher cut for more coverage.  I can basically only wear these tanks when I workout, where showing a sports bra underneath that would peak out is not a major issue.  I couldn't wear these tanks to work because my regular bra would be on full display.  Could I wear these out casually?  Maybe, but I don't think I would be fully comfortable with it.  My second issue which isn't as important since these can be hemmed, is the length is always way too long.  And because of this, only the heathered versions of the tank worked since the material is much softer, stretchier, thinner and slinkier I could get away with it bunched up a bit around my waist. For us petites, a new version of the Cool Racerback with a sh