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A year in review. Best of 2017!

Happy Friday babes! The holidays are officially over and it kinda makes me sad, but I also love starting a new year. It's like wiping the slate clean and starting fresh again. Here's a list of my favorite purchases of 2017. I tried to do a top 10, but it ended up being a baker's dozen. I spent a lot less money on Lululemon in 2017. If anyone is curious, I spent a total of $2,703.03 on Lululemon. $1,572.53 on Athleta. (I keep a very detailed excel spread sheet of all my purchases all year long. Trust me, it's scary.) A good chunk of Athleta clothing was actually purchases for my office job. Like this  Studio Wrap .  I wore it constantly in the hot summer months. I now own three of them! Studio Wrap (And they just released a new color I want in  Abyss !)  Living in Atlanta, it is pretty sunny all year round. On the weekends I wear my contacts and I'm so glad I found a pair of sunglasses that not only look great on me, they are also really really com