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Happy New Year! 2023 Musings and 2024 Goals

I want to thank everyone for coming by and commenting on my blog posts. Your comments are never taken for granted and I will always try and respond to every single one. To everyone who has ever supported me by clicking on a link, thank you so much! Your support is so appreciated. 2023 was a strange year for me. I spent about 9 months not being able to workout. I was really only going on walks/hiking/jogging with my Peleton app. I didn't touch my weights at all. Thankfully after my shoulder operation in August, I was finally able to lift light weights in October. I started from scratch using 3-5 pound weights. It was a very humbling experience going from doing 20 push ups in a row to push ups on my knees and finding that I can only do 8 reps before I fail. As of last week I just started picking up 10 to 12 pound dumbells again. It feels really good to get stronger. I just have to keep pushing and to trust the process. It can be really frustrating at times to know I used to be able t

Happy New Year! 2023 Musings

Hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year celebration. My husband and I had a lovely dinner at our favorite local sushi restaurant. We almost always order the same thing when we go. Cucumber and seaweed salad to start, three rolls and a hand roll. Then we came home and binged Jack Ryan. We went through 5 episodes and will probably finish it tonight. We stayed up until 2 am and went to bed. That was our hip-hop-happenin' New Year celebration. 😂 This morning I had my Kettle & Fire bone broth and the last of our shrimp cocktail which Flash woke up immediately from his nap and sniffed. 😹 He actually doesn't even like shrimp!  Look back on 2022 I kept up with my workouts but recently re-injured my left shoulder. It's an old injury that became aggravated again. I will have to lay off my upper body workouts for a little while. That kind of sucks going into 2023, but I'm determined to overcome it and get better. I will be making a doctor's appointment later this week

Happy New Year 2017! Great discounts via Saks & Nike

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year celebrations!  I'm still checking out the after Christmas sales and now New Years sales and will be posting about some major deals today. I have a thing with sunglasses.  Even though I don't wear them all that often because it means I have to put my contacts in, I love the idea of playing around with how you can change your whole look with an accessory.  So when I saw these Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses over a year ago I fell in love with them but never pulled the trigger because of the price.  Last night while surfing in bed (yes we celebrated at home this year which is kind of lame, I hope that's not a sign of us getting old) I came across the sunglasses on super sale via Saks.  They originally coast $325.  Now they're on sale for $130! Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses $130 Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses $130 Initially I wanted to get the green pair, but I ended up going with the pink because it would be a good neutral