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Fit Review Werkshop Geisha Full Length Legging!

The Geisha legging is my favorite from Werkshop's Zen Garden collection .  The artwork on it is beautifully done.  The colors are gorgeous.  So I was super excited to finally get them last week, but as soon as I tried them on I knew they didn't work on petite gals.  This made me really sad because the print is so amazing. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and usually a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Geisha Full Length One of the most challenging things about being super petite is finding clothes that does not make us look short.  If something makes my legs look loooooong, it's a keeper.  In the photo above, you can see the face of the Geisha takes up almost half of my leg lengthwise.  And it draws the eye downwards making my leg look short.  There's not much to go after the neckline of her kimono = short legs.  I also think the white band on the lower part of the legging near my shin, doesn't help either.  The next photo highlights this even more so.  

Werkshop Angler Full Length Leggings! Plus Zen Garden Chapter 2 Launch!

I ended up returning my Purple Scales leggings in exchange for these Angler ones.  I decided while I did like the full length I wasn't totally convinced the Purple Scales was for me.  Werkshop was great throughout the return and exchange process.  The whole thing took about two weeks for me to get my Angler leggings.  It was very simple to do.  I sent them an email and they approved my exchange with a RMA number that I had to include with the Purple Scales.  Once they received the leggings they sent out the replacement Angler leggings in a couple of days. Full Length Angler I kind of enjoy scary and creepy things much to my husband's dismay.  I definitely can see myself wearing these out casually as well as for doing yoga or running.   Totally digging these sharp teeth! As for size these are a size small and I normally wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.  As of right now the website has all sizes in stock.   The length of these are super long at 28.

New Werkshop Leggings! Zen Garden Chapter 1!

As you all know I'm a huge fan of Werkshop leggings.  This Friday they are releasing their new line up called Zen Garden.  Here are the new releases.  They go on sale at 10am eastern time.  I'm eying the Geisha print. Geisha full length Geisha crop I love the pink, the cherry blossoms, the geisha face.  However I think I prefer the full length version of these instead of the crop.  The full length has the extra detail at the bottom of the ankle that's missing from the crop.   Crane crop Crane full length My second favorite from this collection is the Crane.  I love the color palette, very summery and pretty.  However I'm not totally convinced I would know these are cranes that are on the legging?  It's hard to see.  As for the length, I think I would be okay with these being crops since they are kind of summery and all even though you lose some of the flowers at the bottom. Panda full length Panda crop The last two pri