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Upload! January 16th 2018

Out of everything that's been uploaded tonight I'm liking the Swiftly in quicksand. I don't know why I'm such a sucker for Swiftly tanks. I just bought the pink paradise color last month and while I do really love it, how many tanks does one need? I'm also eyeing a couple of the FTBW bras, but that I actually do need. I could use a few more since I'm always running out of bras and then I'm forced to do laundry. I have a few things in my cart, but am holding off. I want to try and make it to a store but we'll see how long I can hold out. Anything for you tonight? Swiftly Racerback Quicksand (Have this in my cart) Love Sleeveless Tank Porcelain Pink (For $38 I'm kinda tempted more so than the Swiftly) Sweat Date Singlet Misty Moss   (I actually really like all 4 colors in this tank!) Sweat Date Singlet Figue Sweat Date Singlet Expression   Laced With Intent Bra Misty Moon Define Pullover Heathered Slate