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Review! Run All Day Backpack in Windy Wash!

Over the weekend when I went to try on the Align Crop and Define Jacket in the fitting room, my husband sneakily purchased the Run All Day Backpack as a surprise for me.  He is seriously the sweetest guy.  I didn't know until we opened the trunk after shopping at Crate & Barrel and saw the Lululemon shopping bag sitting there.  I was so confused at first!  I literally saw the bag, looked at him, looked back at the bag and went huh? Run All Day Backpack in Windy Wash I first fell in love with this bag after seeing in the Blooming Pixie Multi print, but was so sad that the US never got it.  I think it was only released in Canada and Australia.   Run All Day Backpack in Blooming Pixie Multi But I think I prefer the Windy Wash now.  While the pink and purple mix of Blooming Pixie is super cute and feminine, the blues and greens are a bit more my style.  I'm mainly going to use this bag when I want to keep my hands free for shopping and quick errands.  It h