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Fit Review Friday! Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket in Pale Mauve!

Happy Friday!!! I don't know why I'm super excited for the weekend, I guess it's been a long week for me.  Do you guys remember when I reviewed this jacket last year  in dove gray? I ended up returning it and to be honest it was one of those jackets I kept thinking about. So when I saw Alo Yoga decided to release it in pale mauve this year, I just had to try it again. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops.  Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket Pale Mauve Size XS I'm wearing size XS and while it's still a generous fit, I am kind of digging the look, maybe because the oversized look is very in this year. In the photos, the bottom band doesn't quite lay smooth, and that's because I didn't realize I didn't pull the jacket up to flatten it out. I didn't have time to retake the photos. You can see it looks fine on the dove gray .  The hood is removable, but realize I never actually removed the hood when I had th

Fit Review! Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket!

The biggest search of fall/winter 2019 for me is trying to find the perfect sherpa jacket. It's very in at the moment and I'd like to get one without breaking my bank account. I ordered the Foxy Sherpa Jacket in advance to see if I would like it. I have 30 days to return it and if it goes on sale for Black Friday I may just order it again to get the sale price.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. For this jacket I'm wearing a size XS. Currently 30% off at Alo Yoga with CODE EARLYACCESS19. Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket Size XS The sherpa feels pretty soft, it isn't silky but it's not rough. Kind of like petting a soft fuzzy teddy bear. I opted for the dove gray color because I wanted something a little lighter than my usual dark color palette and the other option- camel isn't really my color. The dove gray is a very pretty neutral and I can see myself wearing this with a lot of different bottoms. It can

Fit Review! Alo Yoga Athena Moto Leggings

With all the friends & family sales going on I couldn't resist snapping up a pair of these Alo Yoga Moto Leggings.  These are priced at $110 but with the F&F discount I got them for $83.50 plus tax.  I personally love motorcycle inspired clothing.  I have a couple of motorcycle leather jackets and these leggings definitely fit the theme. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.  These Alo Yoga leggings I'm wearing are a size XS and similar to size 4 in Lululemon Wunder Unders.  If you're a size 2 in Lululemon bottoms, these do come in XXS. These are mid rise and sit right under my belly button.  The waist band on these are nicely wide and there's a small hidden pocket at the top of the waist band to fit your key and cards.  The fabric reminds me of luon and has a bit of stretch to them.  If mid-rise isn't for you, these also come in a high waisted version . These are fitted all the way through with a small

Fall Lust/Wish List!

I tend to spend a lot of money on new fall items.  It's my favorite season.  Here I've picked out 12 items I'm currently lusting after.  Doesn't mean I'll actually end up buying them, but I would love to have them!  Some of the items are out of my price range.  But others I may pull the trigger.  In absolutely no order here are my current favorites! Speed Wunder Under Tights in Florence (I am absolutely dying to get these!) Werkshop Geisha Leggings Absolutely love these Werkshop leggings and I'm bummed these sold out in my size so quickly!  I'm waiting patiently for a restock.  If you're new to Werkshop you can receive 10% off your first purchase. Balenciaga Small Classic City I know a lot of people are sick of bordeaux, but I absolutely love it for fall.  This bag is super high on my lust list, but unfortunately I can't have it, so I decided to settle on the Banana Republic substitute instead.  Much more affordable and i

Fit Review Friday! Alo Yoga Leggings! Goddess Ribbed Legging & Airbrush Legging

Yay for Friday!  It's also a long holiday weekend for us in the states.  Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!  Today I have for you Alo Yoga leggings.  I was curious about these after seeing them on Carbon38 , but I found them for much cheaper on Amazon.  I'll have links for you at the end of this post. Alo Yoga Vapor Python Goddess Ribbed Legging When I saw the Goddess Ribbed Legging I really wanted a pair, especially in the white python.  The practical side of me said to myself, "You won't be able to pull off white!  You're too short and it will just make your short legs thick!  Plus they're white, you won't be able to keep those clean."  So, I went with a black pair instead with some pretty butterflies on them. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and size 4 usually in Lululemon's tops and bottoms.  For these Goddess Ribbed leggings I ordered a size XS.  These also come in XXS, but I'm not that small! Alo Yoga Ribbed Godde