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Upload! April 21st 2020

Lots of monarch orange today. I'm not a huge fan of orange. Being asian, I already have yellow based skin and the orange and the yellow just doesn't look very appealing... But I do love orange creamsicles and that's what this color reminds me of. Nothing for me from this upload! How about you? Swiftly Tech SS Monarch Orange Swiftly Tech LS Monarch Orange Wunder Train Hi-Rise Tight Brick All Yours Crew Monarch Orange All Yours Hoodie Monarch Orange Catch A Breath Zip Hoodie Ivory Peach (I also like this color, but not for me.) Perfectly Oversized Crew Chianti Hooded Define Jacket Chianti Fast & Free Tight Chianti Align Pant Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Purple (Anyone else notice Lulu is getting lazy about photographing their tights? They literally used the same pose and just photoshopped the lengths. LOL.)   Align Pant 25" Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Align Crop Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Purple

Upload! September 24th 2019

I'm back! Will definitely write up a post over the weekend about my mini vacation to Boston and Newport. I did manage to duck into a few Lululemon's to check out the new stuff but didn't try on anything because we were walking about 9 miles a day in Boston and was too sweaty to try anything on. I was hoping the temperature would be in the 60s and 70s, but it wouldn't really dip below 75 while we were there. I was totally over dressed! I did end up wearing my new Athleta  Harmony Wrap  the entire time. I decided to keep the charcoal heather and return the teal color. For tonight's upload I am mostly excited about the  Sincerely Sherpa Wrap . I love how it looks and I hope it is really soft. For the price I think it is worth it and it comes in XXS! Anything for you tonight? Let me know! Swiftly Racerback Sheer Stripe True Navy Tied In Energy 2-in-1 Tank Plumful/Pink Bliss Train To Be Tank Wash Marvel Black Free To Be Wild Bra Long Line Glacier C

Upload! July 23rd 2019 Lululemon X Barry's

I totally forgot to mention last week that I placed a Nordstrom Anniversary order. Hopefully I'll have some items in for review soon, and if you didn't know, Athleta is also having their semi-annual sale right now. Both sales are worth checking out for sure. Meanwhile, Lululemon X Barry's collection dropped today as well. Fortunately, nothing from today's upload has my attention! Seem's like everyone is trying to get a piece of my bank account. Let me know what you think of all the sales. I'm currently eyeing a couple of pairs of Birdies . Has anyone tried a pair? Stronger As One Ribbed Tank Red Dust Lululemon X Barry's Stronger As One Muscle Tank Lululemon X Barry's Heathered Vintage Mauve Reveal Bra Precision Lululemon X Barry's Red Dust Stronger As One Sleeveless Hoodie Lululemon X Barry's Vintage Mauve Stronger As One Cropped Hoodie Lululemon X Barry's Heathered Red Dust Stronger As One Tight 28" Lul