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NashVegas & Fit Review Friday! Rain Rebel Jacket & All Yours Hoodie

  Happy Friday! I decided to combine my Nashville photos with the Fit Review Friday post. I'm warning you now, this is a very image heavy post. The drive to Nashville took us about 4.5 hours going there because we hit a decent amount of traffic. Going home was great, we drove straight through with no stops and made it back in a little over 3 hours. I have to say though, the drive isn't that much fun. I liked that we saw the Great Smoky Mountains but it wasn't very enjoyable because the road was only two lanes with a lot of 18-wheelers.  The first stop was White Castle. I'll spare you all the photos but if you haven't had White Castle, it's probably a good thing but it tastes so damn good. Atlanta doesn't have a White Castle (again, probably for the best) but since we were heading to Nashville, why not? We did however have a very nice dinner at 5th and Taylor that night. 5th & Taylor Halibut  Apple pie with vanilla ice cream  (Soooooo good, possibly the b

Upload! April 21st 2020

Lots of monarch orange today. I'm not a huge fan of orange. Being asian, I already have yellow based skin and the orange and the yellow just doesn't look very appealing... But I do love orange creamsicles and that's what this color reminds me of. Nothing for me from this upload! How about you? Swiftly Tech SS Monarch Orange Swiftly Tech LS Monarch Orange Wunder Train Hi-Rise Tight Brick All Yours Crew Monarch Orange All Yours Hoodie Monarch Orange Catch A Breath Zip Hoodie Ivory Peach (I also like this color, but not for me.) Perfectly Oversized Crew Chianti Hooded Define Jacket Chianti Fast & Free Tight Chianti Align Pant Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Purple (Anyone else notice Lulu is getting lazy about photographing their tights? They literally used the same pose and just photoshopped the lengths. LOL.)   Align Pant 25" Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Align Crop Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Purple