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What We Love January 1st 2016!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Sorry for the late post, I've been back in NYC for the weekend and spending some time with family.  For this week's upload I'm mostly excited for the swiftly long sleeve.  I don't own any LS Swiftly's so I'm pretty excited to add one to my Lululemon collection.  My resolution for this year is to be very selective about what I add to my closet and I think I'll also purge some of my lesser worn items to Ebay.

What We Love October 30 2015

Bring on the winter gear!  Loving the Down For A Run Collection.  I particularly am interested in the  Down For A Run Jacket and I'm hoping it comes in Black Grape.  I guess this may be a good thing that I returned the Awesome Fluffin Jacket yesterday! The Scuba Hoodie III is a favorite of mine so I'm excited to see what new colors and prints they will be coming out with. " We're also seeing a slight update going into Winter for the Scuba Hoodie III - we updated our fabric so we can now have it in beautiful bright solids and prints! It's still soft and fleecy, which I know you guys love, but now we can offer more variety in colors." I can't wait for Tuesday!  What about you?