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Second Markdown on WMTM & More!

There are some great deals on today's WMTM.  First off there are some second mark downs on a few items. Define Jackets are now $79 from $118! (these would make for some great gifts for Christmas.  I'm just saying.  Stock up!) Scuba Hoodie III Terry $79 from $118 Precision Jacket is now only $64 from $118! (I do have a review of this here and here ) Scuba Hoodie III now $79 from $118! (If I waited I could have saved myself $20!) I also picked out some favorites and some staples since prices have increased I think stocking up on some CRBs and Swiftly Racerbacks might be a good idea. Cool Racerback - 7 colors to choose from for $29 Swiftly Tech Racerback $39 Cool Racerback Lace for $34! (I would have so bought this, but my size is already out of stock) Beat The Heat Short Sleeve for $49 (Not much of a sale but I have 2 of these and love them, super tempted to get the blue) Resolution Wrap in Heathered Deep Zinfandel for $

Mark Down Define Jackets & Precision Jackets & In Flux Crops & Harmony Hoodie at Lenox Mall in Atlanta!

Super quick post for you guys.  I was at the Lululemon store today at the Lenox Mall and they had Define Jackets on markdown for $84?  They still had a lot of sizes left.  Double check the prices but it was definitely in the $80s range. All the Define Jackets & In Flux Crops on mark down. The In flux Crops were on sale for $79.  Also a lot of sizes but no size 2. Define Jackets on sale. They also had Precision Jackets on sale.  The purple one I'm wearing here was $74!!!  The black one was $84.  Not sure why there's a price difference.   Precision Jacket size 4 Precision Jacket Size 4 The black one looked like a blazer.  Totally cute!  $84.  Precision Jacket in black Size 4 Oh and they also had the Harmony Hoodie marked down to $89!  I'm so annoyed I bought that at full price!  Oh well.  Hope you guys score something for yourselves!

Fit Review Friday! Wunder Under Crop, Yogi Everyday Tank, Precision Jacket

In lieu of What We Love I introduce Fit Review Fridays!  Not sure I'll be able to do this every Friday but I'll try my best.  I went to the store really looking for the Coast Wrap , but they did not have it in yet. I did however find the Precision Jacket in a size 6.  The 4 was extremely tight on me so I figured maybe the 6 would work.  However, the sleeves are way to long and overall it was just too much purple.   Precision Jacket in Deep Zinfandel Size 6 I don't normally like Wunder Unders, but when I felt these in my hands, I had to try them on.  They fit perfectly and they're SO SOFT.  I did the bend over test wearing medium gray underwear and they were opaque.  I am however getting these hemmed!  They are too long and the ankles are loose.  I can't wait to get these back so I can wear them! Wunder Under Crop in Wee Are From Space Nimble Battleship Size 4 Last I tried on the Yogi Everyday Tank since I love these, but I was

USA / Canada Upload! May 3rd 2016

Decent upload tonight I think for both US and Canada.  I'm heading to the mall tomorrow morning so I'll wait before I put in an order.  I really want the Precision Jacket and Vinyasa Scarf and maybe the FTBW bra.  I also want to try on the Hotwave Tank.  Will report back tomorrow!  Did you guys order anything tonight? Hotwave Tank in Heathered Tofino Teal (would love this in Rosewood too!) Twist and Toil Tank in Heathered Bali Breeze Swiftly Tech Racerback in Heathered Torfino Teal Define Jacket in Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship Precision Jacket in Chain Link Lilac in Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under Crop in Pretty Lace Flow & Go Crop in Alberta Lake Vinyasa Scarf in Space Dye Camo in Alberta Lake  Vinyasa Scarf in Wee Stripe Lilac Deep Zinfandel  Cool Racerback in Bali Breeze Tofino Teal Free To Be Wild Bra in Deep Zinfandel Lilac Canada got a few more things I wouldn't mind taking a look at if it ever arrives

Fit Review! Define Jacket Exhale, Precision Jacket, Wunder Under Crop, Race To Pace Run Hat

I went to a couple of Lululemon's over the weekend.  I was looking for a few things to try on in person.  One of the items was the Define Jacket Exhale edition in red grape.  I have the regular define in bordeaux drama with some laser cut holes in the back and thought if I liked the new version better I would sell my old one.  Fortunately the new Define Jacket did not meet my expectations.   Define Jacket Exhale in Red Grape Size 4 I took my usual size 4 in Defines, but this one was noticeably lumpy.  The pockets have seams across them and when I zipped up the jacket you can see the seams very clearly.  I did not like this at all.  They also made the stripe going across the top part of the chest thinner.  You can see it in the above photo.  That also doesn't appeal to me. The fit also seems to be tighter than my other Define Jackets.  I definitely prefer my older Define Jackets.  I think I may be done buying another more of these jackets.  The quality has defi