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Upload! January 30th 2018

This whole month of January there hasn't been anything uploaded that's really caught my eye until tonight. Totally eyeing the Blissful Zen Sweater in so merlot. I think so merlot is a gorgeous shade of berry red. I'm also digging persian blue in the Breeze By Hooded Tank. I'm so ready for spring! So I have a bunch of stuff in my cart. Don't know if I'll pull the trigger on anything yet, I'm hoping to get to a store this weekend. We'll see. Sherlock is still taking up a lot of my time! Anything for you? What did you think of tonight's upload? Blissful Zen Sweater So Merlot (I have this in my cart, I'm leaning towards size 2 since it says there's room to layer) Blissful Zen Sweater Midnight Navy (I can't decided between this and so merlot so I have both of them in my cart lol) Sculpt Tank Spring Bloom Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad Persian Blue (I kinda love this! Not sure how practical it is for working out though

Hong Kong Upload! February 2nd 2016

They got a few interesting things.  My favorite is the Salute The Sun Singlet in boom juice but I think it will be too low cut for petites, unless you're okay with showing your bra off! Cool Racerback in Boom Juice Salute The Sun Singlet II in Heathered Boom Juice (Super cute) Make A Move Long Sleeve in Heathered Red Grape Bring It Backbend Sweater in Heathered Minty Pink Back looks lovely but I could never pull it off! Scuba Hoodie III Terry  in Heathered Marled Black High Times Pant in Alarming (would never wear this, like ever)