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Fit Review! Allbirds TrinoXO Tee Classic Fit & Relaxed Fit + Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I've been in a decluttering mode. It's unbelievable how many things I've accumulated in the past 5 years of moving to Atlanta. There is a challenge called 30 Day Minimalism Game . It's more fun if you do it with a friend. Each person gets rid of one thing on the first day, two things on the second day, three things on the third day and so on until you reach the end of the month. I've found that if you are able to keep tally and stay ahead of the challenge it really takes the stress off. It's Day 18, but I'm already up to Day 25. Oh, and anything goes. Clothes, shoes, towels, bedding. I've found a lot of items in the bathroom and in cabinets and drawers. I've found that the bedroom is the best room in the whole house because of how minimalist it is. I am now trying to achieve this in every room. Let me know if you have tried this challenge or a variation of this challenge. Today I have an Allbirds review of

Fit Review Friday! Allbirds Haul! Wool Dasher Mizzles, TrinoXO Tee, Trino Bralette

  Happy Friday!! This is a very image heavy post. Tons of photos of my new Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles, TrinoXO Tee, and Trino Bralette. I am a huge fan of Allbirds. I have probably close to ten pairs of Allbirds in my collection. 🙈 However, this is the first time I'm reviewing their clothing line. I purchased a pair of  Tree Dashers  over the summer and if you missed it you can check out  my review here . I pretty much wear them almost everyday for my workouts. I love them so much I decided to try the  Wool Dasher Mizzles .  For reference I fit a size 5.5 in the  Tree Dashers , but for the  Wool Dasher Mizzles  I wear a size 5. The wool version runs half a size large.  Wool Dasher Mizzles  Comet Purple Sole Reflective Allbirds logo I am a total sucker for purple as many of you know. These are the Comet Purple which are currently sold out. The limited edition colors always seem to go super fast. There is some yellow mixed in with the purple which I find really unique.  These are