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USA / Canada Upload! October 3rd 2017

Lots of new prints tonight! My absolute favorite is frozen flourish. If that comes out in the Speed Up Short, I'm totally getting one. My second favorite is nouveau starlight. I'm ordering it in the FTBW bra. Camouflaged midnight navy is nice but it looks a little muddy in the photos. I wonder if it looks better in real life. I also have the purple camo that was released last year or was it the year before? I can't recall so I don't need to have the blue version of it. Aura dark chrome is a little too out there for my tastes and reminds me a bit of graffiti. I think I'm too old for it. Hahaha. Anything for you tonight? What did you think of tonight's upload? Free To Be Wild Bra Nouveau Starlight Run Times Short Frozen Flourish (Looooooooove this print right here, please please come in Speeds!) Cut Above Hoodie Heathered Black Balance & Resist Light Cast Wunder Under Hi-Rise Fight Foliage (Definitely pretty but a little too pais