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Australian Upload! June 13th 2016

Greetings from New York!  I'm here visiting my family and friends for a week.  In the light of what's happened yesterday in Orlando, it makes this trip even more poignant.  Spend some time with your family and loved ones.  Life is short and this senseless violence needs to stop.  My heart is feeling heavy for all that are affected.  I've been reading about the victims and it's so heartbreaking how young they all are.  It makes me miss my husband even more so that he's not with me on this trip. All Sport Bra in Nami Wave Free Spirit Bra in Yum Yum Pink (this is really pretty) Back view of Free Spirit Bra Intensi Tee in Heathered Pipe Dream Blue Think Fast Hoodie in Thin Pin Stripe Scuba Hoodie in Tonka Stripe Boom Juice Pipe Dream Blue (kinda teeny bopper ish?) Daily Practice Jacket in Space Dye Camo Hero Blue Beat The Heat Tight in Hero Blue

UK Upload! January 12th 2016

I'm kind of shocked at today's upload.  Slim pickings for anything worth posting.  They got a couple of new colors for the Think Fast Hoodies and the awesome Down For a Run Vest.  Maybe tonight my wallet will be safe! Think Fast Hoodie in Space Dye Camo Black Slate I know a lot of people complain that the vests are too shiny and most opted for the solid black.  Personally I think black is so boring.  But a good alternative would be this pretty blue. Down For A Run Vest in Inkwell (my pick for the week) Down For A Run Vest in Cool Breeze

Major Fit Review! Scuba Hoodie III, Define Jacket, Speed Crop, Swiftly LS, Runderful LS, 5 Mile LS, Think Fast Hoodie, In A Cinch LS, In The Flow Crop

Holy mother of reviews!  I must have grabbed 10 pieces to try on in the fitting room today.  And I easily spent over 30 minutes in there trying everything on.   For reference I am 4 feet 11 and usually a size 4 in tops and a size 4 in bottoms.   The store near me had the Define Jacket that was on top of my wish list.  However after trying it on, I wasn't that impressed.  The photos on the website made it look fantastic and luxurious.  But the material wasn't as soft as I was hoping for and it felt kind of stiff on me.  The color is more pink than red.  I left it at the store.  This was TTS for me. Define Jacket in Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Size 4. Next up, my store still had one of these Flashback Static Tender Violet Scuba Hoodies in a size 2.  Fabric was stiff as expected with these patterns and it bunched a bit at the waist.  Easy pass.   Scuba Hoodie III in Flashback Static Tender Violet Size 2  I don't normally like Speed Crops

Hong Kong Upload!! December 23rd 2015

Not too much that interests me... but here are a few things I would like to see eventually hit the US.  I really want the Think Fast Hoodie in Aquamarine.  Looks so soft and cute!  Not sure if it would work on my Asian sin and hair though, but I would still like to try it on. Think Fast Hoodie in Aquamarine Hustle in Your Bustle Jacket in Dark Slate Pace Queen Tight in Slate Black High Times Pant in Peacock Blue

USA / Canada Upload!! December 10th 2015

It took a while but the website seems to be fully functioning now.  It's still seems like a lame upload, I don't understand why they are splitting the uploads into two days, they could have just put it all on one day and it would be a regular upload like usual.  Are they looking for more traffic?  I don't know. USA got a few things I really like.  I'm definitely placing an order tonight. Cool Racerback in Heathered Forage Teal Define Jacket in Millie Mesh Define Jacket in Heathered Slate Scuba Hoodie III in Fleur Sombre  Scuba Hoodie III in Static Mist Free To Be Wild Bra in Pigment Wind High Times Pant in Giant Herringbone in Heathered Black Canada got an additional Scuba Hoodie III and a new vinyasa color!  US is sorely lacking in Vinyasa Scarves.  We need some new ones!   Scuba Hoodie III in Stripe Heathered A really pretty Think Fast Hoodie in Mini Check Pique Heathered Peacock Vinyasa Scarf in