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It's My Birthday So....

I'll post my handbag collection!  Before I became addicted to Lululemon, I used to be addicted to high end designer bags.  The amount of Balenciagas that have passed through my hands is ridiculously insane.  I'm amazed and embarrassed at the amount of money I spent on them.  I eventually had to sell them all, but I still have a small collection. My first bag, Icon Navigator.  Purchased when I graduated from college in 2003. At the time it was expensive.  $450 I believe.  I just love the image and the leather on the bag is still holding up.  I don't wear it anymore but it's a keeper.   This is the only LV bag I own.  It's a Speedy30 and such a classic bag.  It's from 2004 and back then I paid $420 secondhand.  It's still in mint condition!  I can't believe this bag retails for $970 today! I purchased this Coach wristlet in December when all the crazy sales were going on.  As you can tell I'm a huge fan iridescent colors!  I ke