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Upload! October 8th 2019

What do you think of the  Short Sweet & Sherpa Jacket ? It's the only thing from tonight's upload that intrigues me. I'm having such a hard time deciding between the XXS and the XS. Wish Lululemon would stick to the number sizes. Since the jacket is cropped, it might be petite friendly. I have it in my cart in size XS, but I wonder if it will be too baggy in the arms. It also looks very soft. Anything for you? Short Sweet & Sherpa Jacket Heathered Antique Bark (I kinda love this, might have to order to try.) Train To Be Tank Wash Marvel Train To Be Tank White Luna Close To Crossing LS Jaquard Tectonic Shipmate Long Horizons Hoodie Black Ready To Rulu Hoodie Black Swiftly Tech SS Honeycomb Swiftly Tech LS Honeycomb Sleet Street Vest Black Sleet Street Jacket Dark Olive Sleet Street Long Jacket Code Blue Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Luon Varigated Knit Black (You know it's fall when these are back.)

Upload! September 24th 2019

I'm back! Will definitely write up a post over the weekend about my mini vacation to Boston and Newport. I did manage to duck into a few Lululemon's to check out the new stuff but didn't try on anything because we were walking about 9 miles a day in Boston and was too sweaty to try anything on. I was hoping the temperature would be in the 60s and 70s, but it wouldn't really dip below 75 while we were there. I was totally over dressed! I did end up wearing my new Athleta  Harmony Wrap  the entire time. I decided to keep the charcoal heather and return the teal color. For tonight's upload I am mostly excited about the  Sincerely Sherpa Wrap . I love how it looks and I hope it is really soft. For the price I think it is worth it and it comes in XXS! Anything for you tonight? Let me know! Swiftly Racerback Sheer Stripe True Navy Tied In Energy 2-in-1 Tank Plumful/Pink Bliss Train To Be Tank Wash Marvel Black Free To Be Wild Bra Long Line Glacier C