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Fit Review ThirdLove Racerback Bras

About three months ago I wrote a post on ThirdLove  and ended up buy five bras. I've been rotating them and with the warm weather coming up I realized I am missing racerback bras to accompany tank tops. I ended up ordering three different racerback bras to try.    Front Closure Lace Racerback Twilight I absolutely love this bra. It is so beautiful. The color twilight is the most gorgeous purple and the lace detail is soft and romantic. This bra is actually on sale right now and if you buy more the savings is even better. I'm actually debating if I want to get one more in this color. I've already worn it and the bra is very comfortable. The lace is not scratchy at all. This is a front closure bra with an adjustable band in the back. The straps are also adjustable on both sides of the shoulders.  I can't stress how much I love this bra. I've never had any bra like this one before. This is a bra that I would wear all the time. That's how comfortable