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Is Cashlu Really Machine Washable?

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of months ago I bought the Wake Up & Go Sweater . Even though I decided to keep it, it took me a while to finally wear it enough times that eventually I got some soy sauce on it while eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The stain wasn't a huge spot, thank goodness, but enough that it was quite noticeable on my light blue sweater. I tried not to freak out about it. I've never purchased a cashlu item before and all I knew was that it was supposed to be machine washable. So I threw it in my washing machine the very next day. I used the delicate setting and washed the sweater by itself with nothing else in the load, just to be safe. I used my regular detergent and threw in just a little bit of fabric softener. Forty five minutes later I took it out of the washing machine and it seemed fine. The stain even came out! I was pretty happy. I threw it over my drying rack and hoped for the best. The next day I examined it closely and t

Fit Review! Wake Up & Go Sweater Starlight

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ordered the Wake Up & Go Sweater because I need a thinner hoodie for summer nights. I feel like all the Scubas and On the Daily Hoodie are all too thick. This one is the perfect light weight hoodie. It is made of cashlu which is a touch of cashmere. This is breathable and doesn't feel like it would be too warm for summer nights. Wake Up & Go Sweater For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.  The fit is roomy even in a size 2. This is definitely a size down item. I normally take a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies and this is very roomy in comparison.  Since the fabric is breathable with mesh like knit on the sides and on the back of the hoodie, I would be careful because I can definitely see it snagging. It's not super delicate but I would still be cautious.  The price is steep- $128 but with the details of the sweater and it being mixed with cashmere, it's a luxe item in my op

Upload! April 3rd 2018

I can't believe it's already April! This week there's a few things that interest me. Wake Up & Go Sweater is calling my name. Just can't decide if I want to try starlight or graphite green. I think it looks best in starlight or black though. Now the question remains do I stick with my usual size 4 or size down? I also like the new Scuba Hoodie Sashiko. I can't decide between navy or gray nimbus.  Also added a few tanks to my cart. I'll sit on it for a bit before checking out. Did you get anything from this upload? Swiftly Tech T-Back Blue Glow Love Tank Cherry Dust (really pretty rose color) All You Do Tank Dusty Dawn Essential Tank Luon Pebbled Jacquard (I wouldn't mind getting another one of these tanks but not a fan of this color) Low Key Tank Heathered Black (I love this tank from last year! Glad it is back with more colors) Low Key Tank Persian Blue (I think I may get this color) Sculpt Tank Dazed (love t