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Upload! August 17th 2021 SeaWheeze

 This is a giant upload and took me awhile to get everything up. I'm still on my no buy month so I'm not looking at anything too closely if you know what I mean. Which also means I am unfortunately not getting anything from this year's SeaWheeze limited edition items. I did take a quick look and picked out some that I like. But remember it's also final sale, so make sure you definitely love it before checking out! I know the FOMO is seriously great especially when it comes to Lulu, but remember, it's just stuff! There is always something new around the corner. Anyway, that's what I keep telling myself. 😅 So let me know if you got anything from this upload!  SeaWheeze Enlite Zip Front Bra Dusky Lavender (I do love this color.) Energy Bra Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Like A Cloud Bra Rhino Gray Free To Be Serene Bra Hideaway Camo Deep Coal Like A Cloud Bra Longline Copper Brown Sculpt Tank Cropped Symphony Blue Ebb To Street Racerback Crop Yellow Serpentine Ebb To