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Fit Review! Get Centered Crop Hoodie Misty Pink

I cannot believe it's already August! Normally for the month of August- I go on a shopping ban and I really seriously should because the last few months I've bought so much quarantine clothing- even my husband is starting to give me the side eye every time a Lululemon package arrives at the door. 😅 I debated if I should do that again... but I've decided that I'll ban myself from Lululemon and Athleta, but if it's a small business like Werkshop I will support them if there is something I'm eyeing. I've been seeing a lot of businesses that are closing because of the pandemic and I'm sure we will continue to see a lot more closures if things don't get better soon. I'm pretty confident Lululemon and Athleta will make it out of here, but again nothing is for certain these days. Anyhow, I've decided to support smaller businesses for the month of August! I'm also going to edit my wardrobe and do a closet clean out. I know this may disapp