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Upload! October 23rd 2018

Not much of an upload tonight. Only really interested in the Time To Thrive Jacket, although it looks more like a sweater. I wouldn't call it a jacket. Any items in particular you would like to see a review of from tonight's upload? Planning on placing an order at the end of the month for more reviews. I have a nice Fit Review Friday post coming up for you all! Down For It All Jacket Dark Chrome (I think it looks best in dark chrome) Down For It All Jacket Petrol Blue (Not crazy about the matte area in the front.) Call In Cozy Wrap Dark Adobe (This is really pretty, but not petite friendly, looks super long) Scuba Hoodie Night View Time To Thrive Jacket Heathered Dark Adobe (I actually quite like this.) Time To Thrive Jacket Heathered Silver Drop (This is the prettier color I think.) Align Pant Dusty Mauve (These would look so pretty with the Time To Thrive Jacket in silver drop) Wunder Under Crop Antique Bark In Mo

Upload! September 4th 2018

Lululemon must have noticed I'm no longer purchasing as much workout gear lately, so now they're putting out some Lululemon Lab and office/commuter pieces on the website. I also haven't been to a store in months, however I totally acknowledge that I'm more of an online shopper than in person shopper. Did you order anything this week? Nothing for me. I have my eye on items from my wish list ! Nan Dress Naked (While this dress isn't my style, I can totally see my best friend wearing it.) Unity Drop Back Sweater Camo Green (This is one of those sweaters that made me wish I wore them. I just can't do any long sleeve pullovers.) High Lines Pullover Heathered Core Ultra Light Gray Swiftly Tech LS Smoky Blush (I do think that I totally want to get something in this color, but I wonder if it will wash me out?) Rain Rules Jacket Cassis Rain Seeker Jacket Black Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece Shibori Antique Bark (I kinda like