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Australia Upload! April 4th 2016

Sorry for the super slow update today.  I'm officially posting from Atlanta and today we spent 7 hours unloading the POD.  I'm totally exhausted and my feet hurt! Anyhow, I really love the new Swiftly LS and SS.  The new pattern on the Cool Racerback isn't for me.  I doubt I'll be buying anything new though, all my money is going to the new condo!  I'll post some pics once we get more settled.  Tomorrow I need to choose new carpet for the bedroom.  I'm kinda excited about that, but not the money that I'll be spending on it.  Haha. Cool Racerback in Seven Wonders Multi Swiftly LS in Heathered Kayak Blue Swiftly SS in Heathered Kayak Blue Speed Tight IV in Samba Snake Kayak Blue Speed Crop in Samba Snake Kayak Blue Free To Be Bra in Seven Wonders Multi