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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Try Ons Tugga Long Sherpa Jacket & Inclination Moto Shimmer Tight in Powervita

This is the last fit review Friday before Christmas! I have more Athleta for you today. I really wanted to see what the Long Tugga Sherpa Jacket looked like on me in the natural color. The store only had the size XS. It's actually really cute, I wish they had the XXS but I'll never find out because it's completely sold out in all sizes and colors. Sherpa really is popular this season. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically size XXS/PXS in Athleta. I totally look like a marshmallow but in a cute way. It's oversized but somehow it still works. I normally do not like cream/light colors like this but it totally works for sherpa.  The sleeves are too long and the hood is very large which makes me laugh. Overall it's a very cute look! I understand why it's completely sold out. It's super warm and with the freezing temperatures lately, this jacket is perfection. Maybe Athleta will bring it back next year. Right