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New Swiftly Color & Fit Review Speed Sock Dusty Mauve Rose Blush!

I managed to go to the store yesterday but had very limited time.  There was a new Swiftly color in a gorgeous purple red that I grabbed in my usual size 4.  I also bought the Speed Sock in the pretty dusty rose color. When I got home I threw on the Swiftly to check out how it looked and to my dismay the length is a good half an inch shorter than usual.  Actually I've noticed that the heathered versions of Swiftlys are tighter and shorter than my other ones but this one was even shorter than expected.   The length compared to my recently purchased Heathered Black Sapphire Blue I'm guessing the name of the color Black Cherry something? The color is more purple than red but you can definitely see shades of both colors in the mix.  I may have to go back to the store and exchange it for another size 4 if this happens to be a one off, or maybe size up to a 6.  Is this what they meant when they said their sizes were changing?  Hmmmmm....   In other news the S

USA / Canada Upload! August 16th 2016

OK, let me just say all this white, gray, black that's uploaded tonight is so not getting my money.  UK's upload was way better IMO.  I think the only thing I would like to order tonight are the Speed Socks just because they're colorful!  There's a lot that's new since this is the first fall upload, so I'm only choosing what I kind of like for this post.  I say kind of because a lot of it is meh IMO. Speed Sock in Dusty Mauve Rose Blush (I added these to my cart!) Fast As Light Muscle Tank in Tiger Space Dye Sculpt It Singlet in Greyvy Cool Racerback in Super Purple (not sure what's going on with the website but I couldn't get any other photo but this one, while I like the color I would have liked it better if it was heathered) Breeze By Long Sleeve in Heathered Sapphire Blue Ceremony Pullover in Heathered Mod Medium Gray Belle Long Sleeve in Heathered Red Grape Define Jacket in Deep Indigo (the color is lov