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USA / Canada Upload December 3rd 2015

Kind of a lame upload tonight?  Hard to tell what's new.  However the Fluffed Up Vest caught my eye in this pretty Inkwell blue.  Available in both US & Canada. Fluffed Up Vest in Inkwell Canada got a few more items that interest me.  They got the giant herringbone in High Times Pant!  Lovely.  I'm a huge fan of herringbone.  I would get these even though I have a pair in Wunder Unders.  A new Vinyasa scarf in fleece.   I'm still waiting for the purple Flashback Static one to hit the US.  Canada also got a new Free to Be Wild Bra. High Times Pant in Giant Herringbone Black Vinyasa Scarf *Fleece in Dottie Eyelet White Free to Be Wild Bra in Jewelled Magenta Flashback Static