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Kitten Update! Plus Living Room Upgrades

Hey everybody! It's time for a kitten update. Yes I know, they're no longer kittens, but we still call them that, or kits for short. 😅 Yesterday we were having dinner at a restaurant and my husband says, what are we doing afterwards? I said, "Maybe we go home and finish up some chores?" He replies, "Yeah that sounds like a plan, that way we can let the kids out of their room." I said, "Don't say that so loudly, people might think we're keeping little kids locked up in a room all day." 😂 They're still a wild bunch so when we're not home we leave them in their kitten room.  Old Living Room New windows (old couch). I mentioned we also had some changes in our living room. We recently had all of our windows replaced along with new window treatments. We upgraded to a bigger couch instead of this love seat that we had for 8 years. Much too small for all five of our cats. New Couch. Kits approved. We also b

Kitten Update! Nero turns 20!!

Taking a break from all the reviews tonight and want to give an update on our five cats! Nero officially turned 20 years old! Yes that's right, twenty! He's a sweetie, but is not a fan of the teens in our house. All of our kittens are officially over one year old. Neko was the last to turn one back in March. Nero the grump!  Neko is making herself comfy on my vintage Balenciaga bag. I really shouldn't let her do this, but she is just too cute.  Flash has really unique eyes. Sometimes they look dark brown almost black. Other times they look like a golden orange. Flash & Neko are BFFs. Simi is a sweet girl but needs to have her claws trimmed! She likes to make bread on your lap and it hurts!  Ash has grown up to be a handsome big boy. He's the biggest one of the gang. Can you tell which one is Ash? Ash is on the left, Neko on the right. Ash is always kind of has a sleepy look, Neko is the opposite always bright an