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WMTM Update!

  WMTM update !! I gotta run - but wanted to post these since sizes were still mostly in stock! It's worth checking out this week.  Ebb To Street Crop $39 Align Tank!! $29-$49 Align Reversible Bra $39 Cashlu Knit Wrap $74-$119 Hooded Define Jacket Nulu $64-$99

WMTM Update!

PSA!  WMTM update that's too good not to share. Lots of shorts and the  Rulu Rally Wrap  in the gray sage is pretty tempting especially since my office will probably re-open full time in a couple of months. Let me know if you got anything!  Like A Cloud Bra $39 Scuba Pullover $79 Cates Tee $34-$39 All Yours Cropped Crew $74 Scuba Pullover $79 Lululemon Lab Hoodie $119 (Love this one! Would totally buy but sold out in my size already.) Rulu Rally Wrap $89 (Great wraps, super versatile and true to size.) Rulu Rally Wrap $89 Love Crew $34-$39 City Sleek 5 Pocket 7/8 Pant $99 Hotty Hot Low Rise Short $39 Hotty Hot Low Rise Short $39 Hotty Hot Low Rise Short 4" $39 Hotty Hot Low Rise Short 4" $39 Speed Up Short 2.5" $39 (I may get this, I really do like this print.) Speed Up Short 2.5" $39 Speed Up Mid Rise Short 4" $39 Align Short 8" $39 Align Short 6" $39