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Review- Go Lightly Backpack Mesh Mini Jaded

Go Lightly Backpack Mesh Mini Jaded A few months ago, I ordered the regular sized Go Lightly Backpack and returned it after seeing it was too big for my small frame. When a mini version came out, it looked super cute on the model so I wanted to give it try. The size of this bag is 13.5 inches high, 9 inches wide and 5 inches deep. From the side, the backpack looks small, especially when it isn't stuffed full with things. From the back however, it still looks like a regular sized backpack on me. (For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall.)  The outside of the bag is entirely mesh and overall a very lightweight bag. There is a two way zipper and inside there's a pocket to hold a water bottle. I use S'well bottles and was pretty excited about this. However, the opening is very tight with not a lot of stretch to it. I actually had a hard time slipping my regular size (17oz bottle) in it. But once I did manage to slip the bottle in, the fit was

USA / Canada Upload! June 13th 2017

Now we're talking. Lots of pretty colors! It's about time. Loving the seascape Define Jacket and you KNOW I ordered the velvet dusk in Hotty Hot Shorts. I'm on the fence if I want to also order the galaxy gray Sculpt Tank. I've also got my eye on the super cute Go Lightly Backpack in jaded. What did you guys order? Anything tonight? Define Jacket Seascape Cool Racerback Razzle Cool Racerback Galaxy Gray Hotty Hot Short Velvet Dust (this color looks so good against dark colors like purples and navy MINE!) Final Lap Crop Summer Haze Multi (I like this, I just don't think I can pull it off) Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank White (Interesting, just wish the neckline wasn't so high) Sculpt Tank Galaxy Gray (This is currently in my cart... I may give in and order this) Pushing Limits Bra Black Currant Pushing Limits 7/8 Tight Jaded Pushing Limits Crop Dark Carbon Pushing Limits Crop Jaded Vinysas Scarf Hea

Fit Review Friday! Go Lightly Backpack

Ok, so this isn't really a fit review, but still a review and tomorrow is Friday. Before I start, I want to let you all know, my husband bought this backpack for me as part of my birthday gift. So I'm still doing well on my ban! Go Lightly Backpack in Dark Chrome As of right now the dark chrome color is sold out online. Midnight navy and black are currently available. I really fell in love with the midnight chrome color. It's different than your typical black colored backpack. Of course because it's so light in color there's always a chance of it becoming dirty.    This backpack is definitely on the large side. It's big enough to fit my 15 inch macbook pro easily. What's nice about this backpack is the back compartment is specifically made for a laptop. That's pretty sweet. The main compartment zips halfway down on both sides with double zippers. Inside there is a mesh pocket and even comes with a separate shoe bag.