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Store Try Ons! Fit Review Friday Love Crew Fade Tee, Align Crop, Scuba Hoodie, Essential Tank, Run Times Short, Uplift Training Gloves

Happy Friday everyone! Good news and bad news. This post is very image heavy with lots of store try on pics. I will try and do a mini review for each item to keep this as short and sweet as possible. The store I went to today did not have any of the new items uploaded on Tuesday except for the Love Crew Fade short sleeve tee. 😑 I was pretty disappointed about that. Looks like I'll have to put in an order.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.  Love Crew Fade  Size 4 First up, we have the Love Crew Fade tee in washed french clay. I tried on both the size 2 and the 4 to see. The size 2 fit every where except for the shoulders. It was indeed a bit too tight as Andrea commented in my previous post. The size 4 was definitely better fitting in the shoulders but was too long and too big everywhere else. This tee is also very thin and clings in weird places as you can see from the top photo and my very

Review! Essential Tank Heathered Persian Blue & Breeze By Muscle Tank Dark Forest

I was going to post this up for Fit Review Friday, but then I had to drop everything and head over to New York. My grandma who is 95 years old isn't doing well. She spent Thursday night at the hospital and I was getting all these texts from my family about how she could no longer use her limbs. Her whole body became numb. They initially thought she had a stroke, but after a whole slew of tests it turned out to be negative. No one knows why she's can't feel any of her limbs. My grandma suspects it's all the steroid shots and acupuncture she had done a few weeks ago. I was just so worried, I wouldn't make it to see her. At 95, you just don't know when it's your time to go. It really could be at any moment. I'm very close to my grandma, she raised me from the day I was born. We're very close and she's basically my mother to me. Seeing her like this is very hard. I hope over time whatever that was done will wear off and she will regain some feeling

USA / Canada Upload! July 4th 2017 + Chase Me Onesie

Whew, I can't believe my 4 day weekend is over! Happy 4th of July to everyone in the US! I'm definitely putting in an order from tonight's upload. Heathered whirlpool in the Essential Tank is calling my name! I think I'm liking these tanks more than my Swiftly Racerbacks. 😱 Did you order anything from tonight's upload? Essential Tank Heathered Whirlpool (Yes please!)  Speed Short Razzle Hotty Hot Short Long 4" Razzle (Those are some nice abs!) Ready Set Go Tank Submarine (The length of this tank looks good for petites, I might give it a try) Goal Crusher Tank (This looks to be a new version?) Align Crop Dark Adobe (I have this in my cart) Long Distance Tank Heathered Submarine Love Tee Dark Adobe Hotty Hot Short Razzle (I don't normally do hot pink, but this is kind of tempting) Ready Set Go Short Sleeve Submarine Final Lap Jacket White   Swiftly Tech LS Pewter Blue Sculpt Ta