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Review! Alexia Clark Fitness Program & Update On My Shoulder Injury

  A couple of people have asked about my fitness routine and I thought now would be a good time to write about it since it's Frugal February and I finally have an update on my shoulder injury that's been bothering me since November of last year. I went to the doctor in January and was supposed to get an ultrasound on my left shoulder, but for some reason, they entered in an X-ray instead. Which to no ones surprise, it didn't show anything. I went through a bunch of range of motion/mobility testing and the doctor said it's very likely I have a shoulder impingement. Apparently, it's a pretty common injury where tendons along my shoulder are getting caught between bone when I'm lifting my arm up above my shoulder. My physical therapist says the muscles were probably overworked which then weakened some other muscles. I honestly couldn't follow all of it, but the doctor recommended four to six weeks of physical therapy and I have to do exercises 3 times a week on