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NYC: That's A Wrap and What I'm Excited To Review Next!

 Today is my last day in New York. I'll miss my family and friends. I'm glad I pretty much got to see everyone during this trip. It was long overdue. I'm be back in Atlanta on Monday afternoon and I can't wait to open up all my packages that are waiting for me! And of course I'm excited to see my hubs and furkids too. 😆 I've got the Ventlight Cargo Crop , Perfectly Oversized Crop Crew in Softstreme , Ebb To Street all waiting for me in Tidewater Teal. Also have a giant box from J.Crew with another matching set in  cotton cashmere hoodie  and shorts in navy this time. I have a couple of Allbirds XTrino Tees coming up in the gorgeous Ironbark color. Aviator Nation had a Memorial Day sale and I placed a semi big order. I'm really excited about this 6 Stripe Hoodie and 5 Stripe Jacket because it reminds me of Captain Marvel. 😅 Speaking of superheroes, if there are any Daredevil fans out there, Whitestone Lanes was featured in the TV show and my parents li

My New York Trip - Photos!

Hello from New York! Soooo much walking to be done here. My husband and I walked 18 miles in two days in our Allbirds. We both wore our Wool Dasher Mizzles and they held up nicely in the rain. It's been dreary and cold the past couple of days. I even brought my Plush Scuba Hoodie. I also wore my Everyday Belt Bag for these excursions. I did not want to carry anything fancy and the EBB was perfect to hold my card case, mask, sunglasses and some tissues. I'm not sure how many of you know this but I majored in Visual Arts at Fordham University. I took a lot of photography and graphic design classes. So here are some photojournalism style snaps of my trip so far.  One of the things I really miss about New York is good dim sum. Atlanta has decent dim sum places but it's just not as good. It'll do in a pinch though as my husband likes to say. Masks are required everywhere you go.  Egg tart- breakfast pastry. I'm a little weary about taking the subway these days but we d