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Stadium Approved Handbags!

Happy Friday! Last month some of you may remember I went to a soccer game. The stadium banned all bags or backpacks bigger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. This is a new rule for every professional football stadium. They allow you to bring in your belongings in a clear plastic bag or in a clutch the size of your hand. If you didn't have one they made you check it in or did not allow you to go in at all. I opted not to bring a handbag with me and just carried my phone and wallet in my pockets. But I realized I should probably look into a clear purse for future events like this. I did some research and found a very pretty but very expensive Chanel bag that's made of PVC that retails for, I kid you not- a jaw dropping $3000. I'm not crazy or rich enough to drop that kind of money on a plastic bag but I do love how cute it is. After some digging, I found some Chanel inspired looking ones on Amazon that are very affordable.  YOOXI Clear Purse Pink & Green   $15.9