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Things That Made 2020 Bearable

  Last year and every year prior, I like to create a list that sums up my favorite purchases. This year was very different for me and everyone. So instead of my usual Best of 2020, I created a list of things that made 2020 more bearable. For me it was a lot of cozy items. Slippers, sweatshirts, and joggers. Face masks and belt bags. Ever since the beginning of March, I've been working from home like many of you, and there's just no need for a nice leather bag on a daily basis and it kind of makes me sad I haven't used any of my designer bags in 9 months. I no longer needed work shoes. I no longer needed to wear an underwire bra, and let me tell you the  In Alignment Bra  is AMAZING for work at home days when you only need to show your top for Zoom meetings. 😆 This is my last post for 2020. I can't believe the year is finally over. It started off so slow and then it just sped up like a rocket. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who have left me a comment and

A Year In Review! Best of 2016

Last year, I wrote a post on my favorite pieces of the year and I'd like to continue that again.  I couldn't limit myself to a top 10, so this is every single piece I truly love and couldn't live without.  Looking over my excel spread sheet this year I calculated a total amount of $4,658.49 spent on Lululemon.  Which is significantly less than what I spent the year before.  Much of it is due to the increase prices in the Swiftly Racerbacks.  This year I only bought three compared to last year I purchased over ten.  I also spent a bit less on bras.  I love Free To Be Wild Bras and it seems they are slowly discontinuing them and I have not found a replacement bra that I really love.  I've also started to branch out to other brands this year.  Most of my crops are from Werkshop and I've recently started to dabble in Athleta.  I've tried a few pieces from Terez and Alo Yoga, and while I like them a lot, they are not pieces I reach for consistently. So here's m