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A Year In Review! Best of 2016

Last year, I wrote a post on my favorite pieces of the year and I'd like to continue that again.  I couldn't limit myself to a top 10, so this is every single piece I truly love and couldn't live without.  Looking over my excel spread sheet this year I calculated a total amount of $4,658.49 spent on Lululemon.  Which is significantly less than what I spent the year before.  Much of it is due to the increase prices in the Swiftly Racerbacks.  This year I only bought three compared to last year I purchased over ten.  I also spent a bit less on bras.  I love Free To Be Wild Bras and it seems they are slowly discontinuing them and I have not found a replacement bra that I really love.  I've also started to branch out to other brands this year.  Most of my crops are from Werkshop and I've recently started to dabble in Athleta.  I've tried a few pieces from Terez and Alo Yoga, and while I like them a lot, they are not pieces I reach for consistently.

So here's my favorite purchases of 2016 in no particular order.

1. Speed Shorts.  This is my current collection.  From this year my favorite pair is the Mini Obscured Dusty Mauve.  I think my first pair for 2017 will be the Midnight Tulle/Hero Blue print.  I'm eyeing those pretty badly.  I don't have a pretty blue in my collection.

2. I wear Swiftly Racerback tanks almost everyday.  Even though I only purchased three this year, my favorite is capri/black.

3. K-deer leggings in Jennifer Stripes.  These go with anything!  I wear them out casually and for light workouts.  I recently found out that these are not good for running.

4. The Essential Tank in dusty mauve.  I think this tank is super flattering even for petites like myself.  The dusty mauve color is just too pretty.  I really hope Lululemon brings this tank back.  As of now the website is nearly sold out but you can also find some on eBay.  

5. Athleta Luxe Stronger Hoodie.  I can't stress how impressed I am with this hoodie.  It is so lush.  The inside is lined with faux fur and I find myself reaching for this constantly.  

6. Nike Free RN Distance.  I own three pairs now.  I wear them to run, for walking around all day and just about anything.  Super comfortable and light weight.  

6. Werkshop crops in Vintage.  This one is my new favorite.  It's just super pretty and not only do I wear them for working out, I can also incorporate this into my everyday outfits.  I wrote so many reviews on Werkshop this year, I'm sure you're all getting tired of them!  

7. Resolution Wrap in Deep Zinfandel.  This sweater wrap is so cozy and soft.  The drape is super lovely and I'm so happy I snagged one of these on WMTM.  You can find them now on eBay.  

8. First Mile Jacket in Darkest Magenta.  I was eyeing this piece for a couple of months before I pulled the trigger.  It's my Christmas present to myself this year!  The sleeves are a little long on me but the fit is so spot on everywhere else.  Plus it's my favorite color.  

9. Define Jacket in Dusty Mauve.  I have quite a few Define Jackets in my collection but this one is by far my favorite.  

10. What The Sport Tee.  I much prefer this over the Swiftly Short Sleeve tees.  I find the fit more comfortable.  I hope Lululemon releases more colors this year.  

11. Sculpt It Crop in Bordeaux Drama.  I found the fit so flattering on my petite legs.  No baggy calves.  So happy I bought this on WMTM also.  

12. Werkshop Crane.  This year I bought three full length leggings from Werkshop.  The Crane is my favorite and I get compliments every ime I wear them.

13. Vinyasa Scarf in Capri Black.  Looks like another one of my favorites are on the way out.  I am not a fan of the new wrap version.  So when I saw this one I grabbed it.  Hopefully this is not my last one.  Fortunately these are tons on eBay.  

14.  Align Crop in Darkest Magenta.  I purchased three Align crops this year and darkest magenta is my favorite one.   

15. S'well bottle.  I use these every single day.  Not even kidding.  I have a hard time drinking enough water and this helps me a little bit.  I also have to add lemon juice to my water.  Otherwise it's just so bland!  Last night I almost bought another one to add to my collection.  I really kind of want the white marble version.  

16. Just for kicks, I really love all my little designer accessories.  My favorite is the Alexander McQueen key holder I purchased to replace my ten year old Louis Vuitton Cles.  I use it every single day and seeing it makes me happy.  

 For 2017, I really want to minimize my purchases.  I realize I have so much activewear that even if I didn't buy another item for two years I would probably be fine.  So this year I aim to really think about any new purchases before I pull the trigger.  I have to ask myself if the item sold out, would I really be that upset?  Let's see how I do on January 12th warehouse sale rumor.  Hahaha!  That will be a good test.

I would love to know what your favorites are for 2016.  It can be anything.  Jewelry?  Bags?  Shoes? Jeans?  Tell me!


  1. LOVE your best of 2016!! Especially love the colors hehe. :P Those Align Crops are beautiful - I wish they had that color in the pants version (or maybe I missed it). Love your Spreadsheet idea for the year, it kinda scares me to see it all added up though (not that I spend that much in general), but maybe I'll give a try in 2017!

    My favorites for 2016 are my gratitude wrap I found at the Lululemon warehouse sale, my Tori Burch blossom flats (a present to myself for my new job to wear at work), and the 2 Werkshop leggings I got (thanks for the recommendation)!

    1. I don't think they came out with the darkest magenta Align Pants. I've been doing the excel spreadsheet for a few years now. I think it helps me keep track of all my purchases. If you don't spend that much, it shouldn't be too bad!

      Congrats on your new job! I had a pair of Tori Burch flats a long time ago. They were really pretty. Here's too an awesome 2017!

  2. I still managed to purchase quite a few Lululemon pieces even though their products have been disappointing lately and I am more selective given the size of my collection. The good news is that I started selling the less loved ones on ebay in 2016. I realize that my preference and taste change as I get older. Plus I have a hard time resisting sells, lol. The "editing" process has allowed me to optimize my collection. With said, I should curb my spendings on activewears in 2017 and learn to appreciate what I have more. Anyway, here are my favorite Lulu purchases.

    1. Speed shorts in dottie tribe and midnight tulle multi.
    2. Pace rivals in black and nocturnal teal.
    3. Define jacket in jet set blue.
    4. Essential tank in dusty mauve and heathered green
    5. Cool Racerback II SE in reflective splatter black
    6. Muscle swing tanks in black and white
    7. Trueself crops in black and snake battleship black
    8. WUC in miss mosaic black

    Happy 2017!

    1. Nice list! I almost pulled the trigger on the heathered green Essential Tank, but I rarely wear green in general but that color is super pretty. I'm all for editing/selling on eBay. It allows more space in your closet and it's a learning process to see what works and what doesn't. I'm always going through my collection to see what I can let go.

  3. Here is my top ten for 2016 (in no particular order):
    1. Pack it up backpack in Black: my go to carry on and yoga bag!
    2. Vinyasa black/white zips: a jazzy neutral
    3. WUC3 space dye twist lullaby ray: so soft and comfy to practise in
    4. DFARV berry rumble: I don't run in this vest, but it is super flattering for casual wear
    5. gather and crow 2 in naval blue: great for practise or casual wear
    6. Inspire Tight 2 cyber stripe jungle hero blue/deep green: great cute running tight
    7. Define TEENY TOOTH DEEP FUCHSIA BLACK: love the texture and colours of this define
    8. SWEAT TO STREET JOGGER deep indigo: super lightweight and comfy lounging trousers
    9. Speed tight V brushed in black cherry: love the colour and this update to the speed tights!
    10. First Mile jacket in military green: the perfect winter running jacket.
    Not sure how much I spent in 2016 but it was a big year for me! I got all of the above on WMTM except for the WUC3 which I got while visiting the US. I am now on a spending ban for January and February, unless the brushed Inspire tights go on WMTM ;)

    1. I also sold quite a bit of old lulu from 2013/2014 which I wasn't reaching for anymore.

    2. I love my DFARV in Berry Rumble. That didn't make the list because I bought it the year before, but maybe I should have included it anyway. The Teeny Tooth Fuchsia Define was a great purchase, but I wore my Dusty Mauve more. Definitely super hard to narrow it down this year. I'm definitely going on a spending ban in February, I've been doing that for a few years now!

  4. I have some questions for those of you who have more experience selling on ebay than I do. Does ebay charge for relisting if an item does not sell after 30 days? If not, how many times can you relist before being charged? Do you use the auto-relist function? Do you always drop the price to attract buyers when you relist? I have also taken items down when I changed my mind about selling. Does ebay charge a fee for it? Any other tips on selling on ebay are greatly appreciated!

    1. Ebay has up to 50 listings for free every month. So you can list as many times as you like but only 50 listings are free. After that they charge 30 cents per listing. I usually manually relist because I like to sometimes edit the listing and lower the price or change to a auction vs fixed price or vice versa. If I have no watchers I will always lower the price. I usually like for my items to move within 30 days so sometimes I'll go in and lower the price after 10 days if I'm using a 30 day listing. Ebay does not charge you for removing the listing if you change your mind as long as it's within the 50 free auctions. Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you for the reply and the helpful info! I don't have to worry about reaching the 50 per month limit, lol. I am learning slowly but surely. One time I shipped an item before getting paid. The buyer's echeck kept getting bounced. I got really frustrated with her and was told that it was my fault for sending the item before it got paid! I eventually got paid but my goodness there are strange people out there. I also lower price if there are no watchers. Good to know that it is the right thing to do. Thanks again!

    3. Anytime! Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.


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