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New Arrivals Week of March 7th 2023

Lots of Tidal Teal today! The only thing I really like from today's drop is the  Mixed Fabric 1/2 Zip Pullover  in Bone. Has anyone tried anything from this line so far? I love the look and vibe but I'm almost 100% sure it's not petite friendly. So far nothing for me this week, but I'm open to more fit requests! Drop me a comment below if you want to see something reviewed.  Like A Cloud Longline Bra Strawberry Milkshake Smooth Cover Yoga Bra Velvet Dust Ebb To Street Tank Tidal Teal Swiftly Racerback Tank Tidal Teal Swiftly Cropped LS Black (The cropped trend continues!) Swiftly LS Race Length Night Sea Swiftly Tech LS Racer Marble Dye Sonic Pink Love Crewneck T-Shirt Tidal Teal Classic Fit Cotton Blend T-Shirt Bone Wunder Train HR Short 6" Velvet Dust Mixed Fabric 1/2 Zip Pullover Bone Mixed Fabric Relaxed Fit Tapered HR Pant Bone (I like the pullover, but can do without the matching pant) Hotty Hot HR 2.5" Sunny Coral (Lots of sizes are now back in stock in

New Arrivals Week of February 7th 2023

Another week and still waiting for the Scuba Cropped Hoodie to drop. I guess it's all good since I'm on a strict no-buy month! I am digging the  Scuba Full-Zip Hoodie in Heathered Velvet Dust . That's right up my alley.  Blaze Maldives Green  is amazing. What a perfect color for spring.  Align HR Pant 25" in Heathered Gray Sage  is really nice, I wouldn't mind getting that in the 6" short version. Nothing for me this week! Let me know if you bought anything. BTW- I do have a Fit Request Friday coming up- you won't want to miss! 😅   Non-Stop Bomber Jacket Pink Lychee (This outfit is totally cute!) Scuba Full-Zip Hoodie Heathered Velvet Dust (Not gonna lie, I kinda love this. Sigh.) Cotton Blend Ribbed Sweater Wild Berry/Ripened Raspberry Classic-Fit Cotton-Blend LS Shirt Velvet Dust All Yours Cotton T-Shirt Tidal Teal Free To Be Wild Bra Velvet Dust Wunder Train Longline Bra Blaze Maldives Green (Love this color 😍) Strappy Nulu Shelf Tank Top Bone Classic

New Arrivals Week of January 31st 2023

It's the last day of January! Final hours to get your orders in before Frugal February begins. Get it out of your system now. 😆 This was an interesting upload. Lots of new items in Velvet Dust which I approve of. Lots of new in different shades of blue. The  Always Effortless Trench  looks awesome, but sadly it will be too overwhelming for us petites. Let me know what you ordered and if you're joining me next month for Frugal February let me know! More the merrier! Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie Velvet Dust (Also in Bone!) Dynamic Movement 1/2 Zip Psychic Like a Cloud Longline Velvet Dust Align Tank Maldives Green Scuba HR French Terry Jogger Black (Anyone else find it super annoying when they don't disclose the length of the inseam?) Stretch HR Cropped Pant 23" Chambray Wunder Train HR Tight with Pockets 25" Chambray Align V-Waist Pant 25" Graphite Gray (Also in Velvet Dust.) Hotty Hot HR Short 2.5" Powder Blue Hotty Hot LR 2.5" Symphony Blue Spee