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Upload! January 22 2019 X SoulCycle Collab & Lunar New Year

Lots to cover today. I totally was not expecting an early upload yesterday. This morning I woke up and checked the website and saw all the X SoulCycle and Lunar New Year items. Unfortunately I can't blog at work so all of this is old news by now. I'm not into any of the X SoulCycle items. Not my thing! Lululemon also uploaded the Lunar New Year items. One of my readers commented that the fit is geared to fit a smaller frame, smaller waist, more fitted around knees and calves with shorter inseams. I wonder if this is their experiment to see if the items sell and maybe they will finally release items in petite sizing?!! Could my dreams be coming true? Anything for you? I may place a small order to try a couple of the Lunar New Year items. I'm still undecided. Ride & Reflect Tight X SoulCycle Muscle Tank X SoulCycle To The Beat Tank X SoulCycle Ride & Reflect Tank X SoulCycle To The Beat Bra X SoulCycle Ride & Reflect Bra X SoulCy