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My WMTM Haul- Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa, Snow Amazing Mittens Sherpa, Down for A Run Vest

My package came in early this morning while I was still sleeping.  I'm pretty excited by the vest since I've never actually worn one before.  I almost never wear long sleeve anything, even in the winter.  I prefer to wear a short sleeve t-shirt and then a open sweater cardigan or hoodie over it. Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa in Black/Gold Snow Amazing Mittens Sherpa Black/Gold.  I had to get the matching set .  Now the mittens are a little big on me.  I have tiny hands, but I think I can make them work.  These are now sold out on the website though. Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa in Berry Rumble. I lose hats ALL the time.  So I don't mind stocking up on some every year.  The Snow Amazing Toque is lined with Sherpa on the inside, making it super soft and super warm.  I can't wait to try these out tonight!   Down for A Run Vest in Forage Teal I got a size 4 in this.  I could have fit the two but it is quite snug, and I prefer a looser fit.  I