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Fit Review! Athleta Elation Shimmer Tight

Hi everyone. For tonight, I thought I would give you a peak behind the curtain on what goes into this blog and why I only do two reviews a week plus an upload. I have a full time job and my husband and I do a lot of things around the house (including taking care of our three kittens and 19 year old cat). If I didn't have a full time job I could probably write more fit reviews. I used to post something new every other day when I was unemployed and looking for a job.  There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I spend a good amount of time browsing the internet for things I might be interested in writing reviews about. Orders get placed and then there's the waiting time for my purchases to arrive. Photo shoots only happen on the weekends because of lighting. The best time for natural lighting are between 9am to 11am and I can't do that while I'm at work. Photos take a long time because I don't have a photographer. I do all the photo taking myself on a

Athleta's Fall Line Up

Happy Friday everyone! I confess I've been ordering more from Athleta than Lululemon of late. I'm definitely going to place an order for the Elation Shimmer Tights and Essence Tank. In other news my orders from Lululemon and Athleta/Banana Republic have arrived so I'll have some fit reviews up on the blog soon! This weekend I will be taking a lot of photos. Let me know what you think of Athleta's fall offerings. If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my  referral link  to receive 20% off your first full price item. Elation Shimmer Tight Mocha Latte (I've been eyeing these Athleta tights for a while. It's a toss between this color and cinnamon brown.) Elation Shimmer Tight Cinnamon Brown (This color looks so good with a cream sweater) Ridge Jacket Regal Plum  (Really like that this jacket has a two way zipper) Ridge Jacket Black (Regal Plum or Black?) Sentinel Sweater Coat Charcoal Marl (I'm a little sad this