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Athleta's Fall Line Up

Happy Friday everyone! I confess I've been ordering more from Athleta than Lululemon of late. I'm definitely going to place an order for the Elation Shimmer Tights and Essence Tank.

In other news my orders from Lululemon and Athleta/Banana Republic have arrived so I'll have some fit reviews up on the blog soon! This weekend I will be taking a lot of photos.

Let me know what you think of Athleta's fall offerings.

If you're new to Athleta, you can also use my referral link to receive 20% off your first full price item.

(I've been eyeing these Athleta tights for a while. It's a toss between this color and cinnamon brown.)

(This color looks so good with a cream sweater)

(Really like that this jacket has a two way zipper)

(Regal Plum or Black?)

(I'm a little sad this doesn't come in petite)

(This tank looks really pretty in Auberge too) 

(I love scarves and this one looks so nice and cozy, but it's soooo big!) 

(I wish this came in other colors)

(loving these sweater coats but they really need to make them in petite)

(This looks so cozy and the price isn't bad, $128 but I found it in the girls section for way cheaper and also has a hood. The women's version definitely looks to be better quality though, however the fit looks boxy; same as the girls version.)


  1. I’m loving everything here and Athleta needs to come to Canada!

    The Elation Shimmer Tight is so cute and it really is hard to choose between Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Brown. I would probably go for Mocha Latte cos it’ll go well with pretty much any color.

    I’m a wrap and scarf person, and really hope Lululemon will come up with a nice wrap this fall. I’m still loving my Savasana Wraps and Gratitude Wraps.

    Did you finally place an order with Ivivva? I never did cos I’m not sure with the sizing and didn’t wanna bother returning even though it’s free. I’ve only ordered scarves from them so far.

    Looking forward to your fit reviews and have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. I did place my order with Ivivva! It's supposed to arrive today. I only ordered bottoms though.

      I wouldn't mind having a new wrap for fall. I'll keep an eye out for some.

      Thanks, have a great weekend!


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