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Fit Review Friday! Reveal Tight Zen Expression, Sculpt Tank, Love Knot Bra

Happy Friday everyone! Have a quick fit review for you all today. I'm still on my ban, but I've been very good so far.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms. Reveal Tight 25" Zen Expression Vintage Mauve Size 4 (Currently on WMTM for $79.) First thing that I must point out, these are maybe the first pair of Lululemon tights that actually fit around my thin ankles! These are very petite friendly in the 25 inch length. I will say these felt a little snug in the size 4 which is my normal size. Even so I would still say they are true to size though.  The color vintage mauve is very pretty. It's a romantic kind of pink. I really like it. The lace is subtle and blends in well. Unfortunately these are fairly see through especially in this color.  I also tried on the Love Knot Bra in vintage mauve. The bra with the  Reveal Tight  looks so pretty together. The bra runs slightly large. Unsure if may

Store Visit! Sculpt Tank Camo & Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Breeze Relaxed Fit

Dropped by the store for some quick try ons. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Sculpt Tank Incognito Camo They had the  Sculpt Tank  in camo which isn't on the website yet. I tried on a size 2 to see how it fit, it wasn't bad but maybe my regular size 4 would have been better. In any case, I didn't feel like I needed to have this so easy pass for me. I do want something in camo, but haven't found the right item just yet. I've been meaning to try on the Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Relaxed Fit and finally spotted one at the store on final sale. It wasn't a huge discount at $54, but the black anchor seemed like a color I would always wear, so why not? This is my usual size 4 in Swiftly tops and I definitely prefer the relaxed fit than the original.  Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Size 4 Black Anchor This hits passed my hip, which means there's a decent amount of butt coverage if you're on the pet

Fit Review! Sculpt Tank & Wunder Under Hi-Rise Central Saint Martins Nulux

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I can't believe it's already Monday! I have one Sculpt Tank in my collection and I wear it a lot. In fact I wear it more often than my Swiftly Racerbacks. I'm considering selling some of my Swiftly tanks to fund more Sculpt Tanks. Last year I purchased a Sculpt Tank in marvel and decided to go with the size 4. This time I decided to go with a size 2 in mineralize. Both sizes feel comfortable to wear, I already worked out in the size 2 and love it. I think between the two sizes I prefer the 2 because it's shorter in length. The size 4 can look a bit long in the back. If you're interested I have some photos of it here . Sculpt Tank Mineralize Size 2 I definitely enjoy how thin this tank is. Definitely keeps me cool during my workouts with the mesh in the back. Hoping to snag a couple more colors in the near future after I offload some Swiftly tanks. I was super excited to purchase an item from the Central Sa

Upload! February 20th 2018

Just want to thank everyone who has left me a message about Sherlock. After reading them all I cried. I just miss him so much. His cute little face and how he would be so happy just to sit in my lap. I can't believe I'll never hold his fuzzy little body ever again. Thank you again, every message meant a lot to me. I'm going to need some retail therapy and blogging is a good distraction for me. These so merlot Align Crops are calling my name. My other problem is the length. The 21 inch is too long on my short legs, so if I am going to buy anymore Align Crops, I will have to get them hemmed to 19 inches. It's so sad. I do have these in my cart though. I may place a small order, anything for you tonight? Align Crop So Merlot Sculpt Tank Pearl Pink   Sculpt Tank Persian Red (This color is really pretty too. I wish these tanks weren't so long on me though) Swiftly Racerback Persian Red Cool Racerback Persian Red Non-Stop Bomber Redwood

USA / Canada Upload! June 13th 2017

Now we're talking. Lots of pretty colors! It's about time. Loving the seascape Define Jacket and you KNOW I ordered the velvet dusk in Hotty Hot Shorts. I'm on the fence if I want to also order the galaxy gray Sculpt Tank. I've also got my eye on the super cute Go Lightly Backpack in jaded. What did you guys order? Anything tonight? Define Jacket Seascape Cool Racerback Razzle Cool Racerback Galaxy Gray Hotty Hot Short Velvet Dust (this color looks so good against dark colors like purples and navy MINE!) Final Lap Crop Summer Haze Multi (I like this, I just don't think I can pull it off) Hint of Sheer Cropped Tank White (Interesting, just wish the neckline wasn't so high) Sculpt Tank Galaxy Gray (This is currently in my cart... I may give in and order this) Pushing Limits Bra Black Currant Pushing Limits 7/8 Tight Jaded Pushing Limits Crop Dark Carbon Pushing Limits Crop Jaded Vinysas Scarf Hea