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Fit Review! Allbirds Wool Cardi Ironbark

  Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We are still working on the bedroom renovation. The flooring is finally done but there are finishing touches we still need to do. Then it's a matter of waiting for all the furniture to arrive. It's looking really nice though! I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. Today I have an Allbirds review. I love their footwear but I've been meaning to try one of their merino wool cardigans for awhile. I was waiting for a pretty color and when Ironbark popped up, I pulled the trigger. For reference 4 feet 11 and I'm wearing size XS in Allbirds. Lululemon tops I usually wear a size 4.  Wool Cardi Ironbark  Size XS This cardigan is super soft. It's made of 100% merino wool and not itchy at all. The sleeves are a little too long but I cuffed them up and it works well. The ribbing matches the trim on the cardigan. I'm wearing size XS and it is a bit too big overall and boxy. It kind of reminds me of a grandpa cardigan. The iron