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Upload! October 30th 2018

Major upload tonight! I think this is the biggest upload of the year. Makes sense since the holidays are about to start. So much camo though! Do you love it or hate it? I think it actually works well in the grey version. I really like it in the Scuba Hoodie but I really need to stop with the hoodies already. I'm also interested the Align Short. There are lots of great gift ideas in tonight's upload. I wonder when the extended holiday return policy starts? Anyone know? Let me know in the comments if there's anything you want to see a review of. I'll be placing an order soon! Down For It All Jacket Dark Adobe (The color isn't this nice in person) Align Pant Super Hi-Rise Dark Olive (Don't know who thought Aligns needed an even higher rise. Ridiculous, these would be up to my chest!) Down For It All Vest Dark Chrome Ready To Rulu Pant Heathered True Navy Black (Love this color) Runderful LS Heathered Petrol Blue Cloudscap