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Review- Gucci Marmont Bag - Is It Worth the Investment?

Two years ago I purchased this Gucci Marmont bag in the nude color. The website currently has a similar color called dusty pink. I am not 100% sure it's the exact same shade as the one I have, but I think it is. This is probably one of my favorite bag purchases that's a non Balenciaga. As some of you know, I love Balenciaga bags and hardly ever stray to other brands. This post will show how my Gucci Marmont bag has held up after two years and my overall thoughts carrying the bag.  This photo was taken when I first received her. First off I should say I have a lot of bags, probably more than one should ever own and care to admit to. The majority of my bags are Balenciaga bags. I do own a handful of Coach bags as well. For work I usually grab either a Balenciaga or Coach because they are not super flashy. Most people don't know what a Balenciaga bag looks like and everyone and their grandmother owns a Coach bag so it flies under the radar and I like th

Review- Gucci Marmont Chevron Velvet Shoulder Bag!

Gucci is super hot right now. I've never really liked any Gucci enough to buy until the Marmont line. The chevron pattern gives off a very 70s vibe but with an updated feel. The double G hardware is antiqued gold tone which gives it a more subtle look instead of the bright in your face gold. A couple of months ago, my mom went to Italy for vacation and brought back this little gem for me! Gucci Marmont Chevron Velvet Shoulder Bag Size Small Mine is the teal color from fall/winter 2016. This season they are releasing the bag in a pretty pink, black, red/fushia, and blue. I have the small size which is 10 inches by 6 inches by 3 inches deep. I think it's the perfect size bag for everyday.  Normally I would consider a velvet bag to be a piece I would only carry in the fall or winter, but when I paired it with this summery dress it really worked nicely with brown sandals. I would totally wear this outfit on date night for sure even in the summer. The strap c

Review! Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Shoulder Bag Size Small Nude

Hope everyone had a great weekend! For those who celebrate Easter, hope you enjoyed time with your family. A few of you have been asking me to review my Gucci bag. Some of you may know handbags are my weakness. I've been somewhat obsessed with handbags since 2003. I've had a long history with Balenciagas. They have been my go to bag for over a decade, but now I'm ready to expand to other brands. Gucci Marmont Small Shoulder Bag Nude This is my second Gucci bag ever. A long time ago I bought a brown suede Gucci, but it wasn't very user friendly even though it looked amazing. Now when I buy handbags, I make sure it's practical for my lifestyle. Cross body bags are very popular right now because who doesn't like a hands free bag? It's an absolute must these days. Gucci Vs  J.Crew Signet bag Sizing is also something to consider. This Gucci comes in 2 sizes. The mini and the small. I've seen both sizes in person. The mini is SUPER tiny. It&#

Weekend Update!

So I'm currently working on a review for the Gucci Marmont Camera bag that I've been lusting after for months and also accidentally received a pair of $1380 sunglasses. These are the tackiest sunglasses I've ever seen in my life! Those are crystals all over the frame. I seriously look like a gaudy asian lady, as one of my friends said. 😂 I didn't pay for these, but out of the goodness of my soul, I'm sending them back to Gucci, but I had to take some photos first. They thanked me for my honesty and that's my good deed for the rest of the month. 😜 Also, I'm so happy that Lululemon finally decided to extend their return policy from 14 days to 30 days! Now if only they will start accepting returns for items on WMTM... About friggin time!! Lastly, has anyone tried on the Soul Training Tank or the Crescent Tank ? I have them added to my cart. The Sole Training Tank is a final sale item so I'm a little hesitant on the sizing.  Hop