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Review- Gucci Marmont Bag - Is It Worth the Investment?

Two years ago I purchased this Gucci Marmont bag in the nude color. The website currently has a similar color called dusty pink. I am not 100% sure it's the exact same shade as the one I have, but I think it is. This is probably one of my favorite bag purchases that's a non Balenciaga. As some of you know, I love Balenciaga bags and hardly ever stray to other brands.

This post will show how my Gucci Marmont bag has held up after two years and my overall thoughts carrying the bag. 

This photo was taken when I first received her.

First off I should say I have a lot of bags, probably more than one should ever own and care to admit to. The majority of my bags are Balenciaga bags. I do own a handful of Coach bags as well. For work I usually grab either a Balenciaga or Coach because they are not super flashy. Most people don't know what a Balenciaga bag looks like and everyone and their grandmother owns a Coach bag so it flies under the radar and I like that.

I use my Gucci Marmont bag mainly on the weekends or on a date night. The bag is now two years old and still looks fantastic although I did change out the original tassel that came with the bag for a Fendi charm and then I switched that out for a Coach charm instead. I felt the hardware of the Coach charm matched better.

I love that the Coach hardware is almost identical to the Gucci hardware in terms of color.

I also knotted the strap to better suit my petite frame and it still holds up well. I have not had to adjust it at all. I've been asked how I knotted the strap, but it was really just trial and error until I got it to a point where I was satisfied with it. 

Here's what everyone wants to know, does the bag show wear? The short answer is- yes it does. The leather is soft and squishy for one thing. If you're carrying the bag at hip level and doing a bit of walking with it, the bag will dent in and curve around your body. Which is normal for soft leather. Because of this, there will be some creasing along the back of the bag.

Top right corner shows some of the creasing on the back of the bag.

The top of the bag has held up fairly well. Not much wear at all, except for some very minor creasing.

 The bottom of the bag shows more creasing as you would expect from items bouncing around inside.

The hardware is antique gold and I actually prefer it this way because you can't tell if the hardware has tarnished or has scratches. It's supposed to look a bit worn. The corners barely have any scuffing at all. I don't trash my bags and I'm pretty careful with them when I use them. Generally I won't place my bag on the floor. Huge no no for me. I do carry them in the rain, but try and towel them off as soon as I am able to. I have not treated the leather with any conditioner or cleaner.

As for how much this bag holds? I purchased the small size and it does hold a decent amount with room to spare. I did order the mini and it was too small for me. The bag easily holds a pair of sunglasses with a slim case, my key holder, mints, two card cases, lip balm, inhaler and my iPhone X without feeling over stuffed.

The inside lining is suede like microfiber and it still looks great.

Overall I think this bag is timeless. The camera bag crossbody style is a staple in any bag collection. The color is a classic neutral beige/pink depending on the light. The antique gold hardware will hold up well over the years. My only advice is when you are not using the bag, to stuff it with paper or packaging materials to help hold its shape. I purchased this bag for $1200 and it is currently $1290. I still think it is worth the investment. You can also read my original review of this bag.

This is a sneak peak of what's to come for Friday's post! 

I'm still eyeing this card case after two years so I think I'm finally going to pull the trigger!  

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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  1. Ahhh I’ve been eying this purse in this color! I think I’m sold..

    1. Definitely worth seeing in person. I don't think you will regret the purchase!


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