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Fit Review Friday! Banana Republic Sport Petite Sweater Jogger, Flyweight Jogger, Crew-Neck Sweater, Sweater Pant, Wide-Leg Cropped Pant Core Temp

Happy Friday! I know everyone is waiting for Lululemon's summer sale and it may or may not happen. I haven't heard any news, BUT there is a Vuori Summer Sale  going on right now. It doesn't happen often and it's worth taking a look. Their super popular  Performance Joggers are on sale too. For sizing I wear XXS/XS, either works for me. Today I'm reviewing items from BR Sport ! I used to be a huge fan of Banana Republic back in the day, but over the last few years I started mainly shopping from their sister store Athleta . Recently Banana Republic launched their own elevated athleisure section called BR Sport. I decided to order a few items to try. Let's get right to it! I'm warning you now, this is a very image heavy post. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size PXS in BR Sport. I also wear size PXS/P0 in Athleta and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. Petite Crew-Neck Sweater Bahama Sand Beige Size XS Number one- I LOVE

Fit Review Friday! Athleta Haul! Release Tee, Brooklyn Jogger, Farallon Print Sweatshirt, Om Wrap in Powervita

Happy Friday! I'm going to get my first Pfizer shot today. I'm glad I scheduled it on a Friday in case I get any body aches or feel feverish I have the weekend to recover. I'm planning on wearing a tank top and a light hoodie. It'll be 80 degrees when I go. It's at a giant stadium. I bet it'll feel surreal.  Today I have the second part of my Athleta haul up for review. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 0P, XXS, XS in Athleta. For Lululemon I'm usually a size 4 in tops and bottoms.  Release Tee Metropolis Gray Size XXS When I first felt the Release Tee  in my hands I was very surprised at how soft it was. It's made out of modal/polyester but it feels like linen. It's very thin and lightweight, which is perfect for Atlanta's summer heat. It's super oversized. I'm wearing size XXS and I'm still swimming in it. It drapes very nicely and looks flattering. I love the look of it with the front casually tucked

Fit Review! J.Crew Petite Lodge Coat & 2021 Musings

I usually like to do New Year's resolutions but 2020 made all of that seem moot. I think being healthy, happy, and staying sane until we see Covid free days is all we can hope for. Be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack. Be nice to others. 2020 was a year where I was still able to exercise at home. I'll continue to do so and hopefully I'll get a little stronger this year.  My loungewear exploded. I replaced all of my bras which was pretty expensive. Looking at my spreadsheet I spent about $5,000 at Lululemon and probably close to $2,000 at Athleta in 2020. That's kind of nuts considering I spent $3000 total on both brands in 2019, which is a much more reasonable amount. I think for 2021, I want to be extremely selective on what I add to my closet this year. It has to be something I need, or needs to be replaced or just something very special.  I would also like to declutter just a little bit. I'll start donating/selling some of my things. I'll be going thr