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WMTM update!

Here are my picks: Glide & Stride Tank   Fresh Tracks Pant On Track Tank Speed Short Cadence Crusher Bra   Wunder Under Short   (I wish these were just a tad longer) Wunder Under Crop   Free To Be Zen Bra Energy Bra (If I had bigger boobs I would get this) 😂 Gear Up Crop (I have a review of these here ) Swiftly Arm Warmer (If they still had the small in stock I would have bought these) 

USA / Canada Upload! December 8th 2016

Lots of new hoodies uploaded tonight.  Nothing for me since I'm waiting for the Werkshop release tomorrow afternoon! BTW did anyone notice Lululemon's stock shot up $9 today?  That's 15%.  Apparently, Lululemon's sales did very well, way better than expected.  Which is odd, because I've definitely spent a lot less on Lulu this year than last year.  But I guess there's always new blood. Fleece Please Hoodie in Darkest Magenta Scuba Hoodie in Flossy Dark Carbon Black (this one is actually kind of nice, but I'm on a hoodie ban!) Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Fullux in Midnight Tulle Wunder Under Pant in Midnight Tulle Multi Kick The Cold Hoodie in Darkest Magenta Kick The Cold Hoodie in Inkwell Free To Be Bra in Midnight Tulle Multi (I wish I liked the Free To Be Bra more) Speed Short in Flossy Dark Carbon Define Jacket in Frozen Fizz   and Canada got- Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Alberta Lake (almost temp

USA / Canada Upload! August 23rd 2016

I apologize for this late post.  Ended up having dinner with friends tonight and got back pretty late.  I also managed to stop by a store today so I'll have fitting room photos up tomorrow.  Tonight we have a lot of black & white & gray along with super pretty dusty mauve.  I am loving dusty mauve.  Did you guys get anything? Wunder Under Crop in Dusty Mauve (super tempted to order these too) Cool Racerback in Heathered Slate (I'm still not a huge fan of the new version, but if they released it in an awesome color I would probably get it)  Power Y Tank in Dusty Mauve Free To Be Zen Bra in Mini Obscured Back view- Lots of Straps.  Too much for me plus I would be worried about back fat. Split Hoodie in Heathered Speckled Black Define Jacket in Dusty Mauve (so I saw this at the store today and absolutely loved it so much I bought it.  Pics tomorrow) Layer Up Vest in Deep Indigo Greyvy Layer Up Jacket in Boreaux Drama

Australian Upload! August 1st 2016

Happy August!  Although not sure how happy everyone will be with the price increases I'm seeing over at the Canadian website.  I'm sure it will hit the US side very soon.  I admit some of the increases will price me out on certain items.  I'll have to be patient and hope things make it to WMTM.  Even so, sometimes WMTM prices are only $10 cheaper than retail.  I mean, what kind of sale it that?! Let's move to the new product for this week.  I'm kind of excited by the new obscured black dusty mauve print.  I also really like the dusty mauve Define Jacket.  I wouldn't mind adding that to my closet.  We'll see what we get tomorrow! Define Jacket in Dusty Mauve (love it!) Free To Be Wild Bra in Heathered Seal Gray Be Present Jacket in Heathered Slate (if I didn't have one like this already I would be all over it...) High Times Pant in Obscured Black Dusty Mauve Sculpt It Tight in Black Align Pant in Greyvy (digging this