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USA / Canada Upload! August 23rd 2016

I apologize for this late post.  Ended up having dinner with friends tonight and got back pretty late.  I also managed to stop by a store today so I'll have fitting room photos up tomorrow.  Tonight we have a lot of black & white & gray along with super pretty dusty mauve.  I am loving dusty mauve.  Did you guys get anything?

(super tempted to order these too)

(I'm still not a huge fan of the new version, but if they released it in an awesome color I would probably get it) 

Back view- Lots of Straps.  Too much for me plus I would be worried about back fat.

(so I saw this at the store today and absolutely loved it so much I bought it.  Pics tomorrow)

(so I bought these too, but I'm unsure if I'll keep them.  I love the print, just don't know if they work) 

(love this print, I may need to try this just to see)

(super pretty!)


  1. Honestly I am more excited for werkshops new patterns coming out on Friday, then the uploads. I'm hooked on them now. Love the jellyfish and the butterfly prints.

    1. ME TOO! How awesome is the Geisha one? I love the Crane also, but not as much. So which Werkshop legging did you end up keeping?

  2. I got the jelly fish and the butterfly in the crop. I love them. The fit and the comfort is perfect. Only down fall is no pockets for my phone. I use them at the gym or at home so not a deal breaker. I really would love the crane print from the new line. It is my favorite, so stunning. The lanterns and geshia are also beautiful. I'm excited for Friday!

    1. Totally agree, I would love a pocket for my phone but it isn't a deal breaker. I'm totally looking forward to Friday. Geisha in the full length, and Crane in the crop... but I may have to be good and order one at a time. So Geisha first!


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