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Store Visit! Align Pant Deep Zinfandel, Blurry Belle Speed Short, Scuba Hoodie III Terry Heathered Space Dye Gris

I made it to the store but I didn't have that much time to take more photos, but I couldn't decide if I liked the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts.  They looked super cute online, but when I saw them in person they were only okay for me. Speed Shorts in Blurry Belle Size 2 I did like the Scuba Hoodie Terry that I tried on, but not enough to pay $118 + tax however.   Scuba Hoodie Terry III in Heathered Space Dye Gris Size 2 Last  I tried on the Align Pant in Deep Zinfandel.  I love how they fit and feel but the contrast band there just kills it for me!  So easy pass. Align Pant in Deep Zinfandel Size 4 I really should put my sneakers back on haha!