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Upload! November 27th 2018

It is freeeeeeezing in Atlanta right now. It's like New York cold. Which means I get to break out all my winter accessories that I've collected over the years living in the northeast! I took out my Bundle Up Scarf from 2015 and wore that the entire trip in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I'll actually get to use my wolf hat this winter! Back in 2014, I actually looked like this ! 😱 This upload is more about accessories even though the landing page of the Lululemon website features Heritage items which were mostly uploaded last week. I'm still debating if I should order the Transformation Wrap . Do I go with dark adobe or nocturnal teal?  Did you order anything? What are you most interested in? Or are you completely shopped out? I'm not gonna lie, I kinda am....!! But at least my Christmas list is done. If You're Lucky LS Tee Black In Stride Jacket Incognito Camo (I kind of like this but I don't need another jacket in this style